NFL Babhta a 7:Áth Cliath in éadan Lú, 26ú Márta ag 2 a chlog, Páirc an Chrócaigh

i’d prefer if this was away instead of home. i’d get to visit another ground i’ve not been in before afaik and the craic would probably be better than an empty croker. anyway, let’s hope things keep going in the right direction from last week with plenty of turnovers and loose ball won by the lads. a sight of mannion or jack would settle the nerves a bit. promotion assured with 20 min to go would help too. we’ll need that extra joust with derry.


Was dragged to see Kerry vs Louth in Ardee in 1997. Not for the faint of heart let me tell you. Kerry stuttered to a win by a few points. Aul fella said to me after, ‘They (Kerry) will win nothing this year’. Few months later, they were Munster and AI champions. I like to remind him of this on occasion, nostradamous he certainly isnt.


We played Louth in OBC in Drogheda a good few years back. 10k all seater stadium more or less adjoins similar 25k seater stadium which is home to Drogheda Utd.

He forgot the most important lesson, it’s only the league.

i was at an o Byrne cup game (final i think) up there in the pissin rain standin on a grassy hill on the side. Jim was there in the crowd in disguise spyin on the lad’s to see who was doin their bit for the cause :smile:, but all due respect to louth if they were to go up and we weren’t disgust and disappointment wouldn’t be the word

Methinks it was a bit of yerra, though he didn’t speak much in the car on the way home, they were horrendous. Louth had some daycent players back then, likes of Colin Kelly and Stefan White from memory.

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Was listening to the gaa social and they said Louth are without Sam Mulroy as well. That makes what they’ve done to be in this position all the more remarkable. The Mickey Harte effect!

I remember being at a match up there donkey’s years ago. There was great banter from the locals in that inimitable accent. There were ‘footballing noises’, as Gay Byrne once responded when asked where Beann Eadair’s pitch was, over the wall at the far side of the GAA pitch.
"Is Drawdeh playing d’day? “Dey are Bejaysus.”
Neither ground was up to much back then.

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Saw Dublin play Louth in a Leinster Senior Football Championship match in Drogheda way back in the early 90s. It was the worst county ground in the country then and hasn’t improved over the years.

Wasn’t it up there that we started the first round of the successful 95 AI campaign… Sherlock was new to the team and played well with a fine goal…

Drogheda had a grass bank last time I checked but then I read your comment re 25k soccer stadium so hook line and sinker




I was wondering which stadium as Drogheda built 3 beside “Hunky Dorys Park” at least the 3 Bohs stadiums (Castleknock, Harristown & Dalymount Nua which will probably never happen) were spread out in different locations

That was Naaaaavan I’m almost sure. Jayo the bootless wonder with a goal.


Def navan in 95 ,we also played laois there that year

The Irish Examiner podcast has me thinking the same. They had another one of the Louth injured players on, Ciarán Byrne and while it’s only words, you got the impression of a well organised set-up that has the Louth players believing in the collective.

I’d be happier if I’d seen more of their games but obviously they’re doing a lot right to have got into this position. All their games have been tight, edged out by a goal v Derry, mind you they only squeaked past Limerick & Meath by a couple of points.

Edit: Paul Rouse is a decent host on that pod, he’s got the ability to ask questions you’d like to hear asked of the contributors.


Bootless goal was against Laois

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i heard that podcast yesterday, ciaran Byrne is unfortunate with injuries but the podcast is alot better now that mcconville in wanderin among the wicklow hills

The new beast of Baltinglass.


a crossmaglonian werewolf in wicklow