NFL Division 1 Final, Dublin v Kerry, Sunday 9th April, Croke Park, 4pm

Presuming Throw In is 4pm.

Yeah, probably, with the Kildare v Galway Div 2 final on at 2?

Ah shite there’ll be Kildare Yahoo’s at this. Hope they get beaten otherwise more likely to stay on and watch our game and hope we get beaten.

Any injuries from Monaghan game today ? Assume KOTF will be as they were in Tralee .

So it’s, beautiful free flowing all out attack football versus the keepers of the flame and bastions of everything that is good about modern football…
Those Dublin A v B training games would be great to see this week.:wink:

Instead I’d imagine we’ll be served more of the same crap we witnessed down in Killarney a few weeks ago. Hungry hungry hippos beware!!


Jack looked like he tweaked his hammer scoring the goal

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The Mayonays losing their shit entirely, over Big Aido coming on and saving the day, in a relativley meaningless game. (For Donegal, anyway.) Words like immense and collossus (no, not his arse, Aido himself) and humungous being thrown about with gleeful abandon. I love it when he is crowned Footballer of The Year, before any of us have had our first 99 of the year.

Oops sorry…wrong thread.


TI at 4pm confirmed

This is a win-win situation.

Win. We beat Kerry again and win another league.

Lose. Lays down the gauntlet for the championship.

How many points and goals did he score??

Sweet fcuk all. But he’s Big Aido. He’s doesn’t need to score to influence the outcome of a game, by sheer force of will & massive intellect. :grin:

Headline on IrTimes match report : Aidan OSheas Mayos beating heart as they down Donegal . Kid you not .

AFAIK we finished the game with 14 players, I think Jack was taken off in the last few minutes but we had used all the changes. Deffo did his hammer scoring the goal and it wasn’t helped when the ball came to him just after that but he still managed to set up a point for either Paddy or Berno, not sure.

Jack Mc has a “leg strain” according to Jim Gavin. I dunno…from the way he was holding it, it looked hammer-esque. Hope I’m wrong.

only hogan/cusack on sale online for this at the moment. Any ressers in the know regarding Hill tickets? Could they be all gone already?

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That’s why he ended up in the corner. Looked odd at the time.

Met him on the pitch after the game and appeared to have hurt his thigh.

Open to correction, but I doubt the hill has been sold out for any of the last four league finals. Now if they decide not to open all sections well maybe there would be a ticket issue.

They’re expecting a big crowd up from Kerry. Conor Faughnan of the AA says they are hearing of up to 3 car loads travelling


Can we keep this thread about the League final and not about the swan diver himself?