NFL Division 1 Round 7, Monaghan v Dublin. Sunday April 2nd 2pm, Clones


Hope the record goes here . Last thing we need is to lose it in the championship

Nobody will ever beat it anyway

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Not worried about the record, but if we are to make the final at this stage I would like it to be on our own merits and not to be depending on the results of others, anyway given that the record is ours now anyway I don’t see it as an issue anymore, that is if it ever was one.
But yep you are right, better to lose now than in August, but one has nothing to do with the other so go for it I say:laughing:

Hopefully a repeat of two years ago but yep it will be a tough game, would like to get to another league final just for another day out before the long wait till championship

Joe McQuillan - God help us!

Wouldn’t worry about that, the Mayo crowd are baying for blood over Cormac Reilly getting the Mayo v Donegal game

Cavan man reffing Monaghan … hmmm.

I’d rather not lose this one … or a Championship one … :wink:

Kerry Propoganda Industries Inc. will of course fail to see the irony, and will claim that he will be anti-Monaghan because of the rivalry between them and Cavan.
So I predict Kerry beat Tyrone, Mayo beat Donegal, and Dublin are winning, which could put Kerry in the final, til McQuillan gives Monaghan a phantom late free, and The Persecuted Sacred Knights of The Lost Arc will claim McQuillan has it in for them because he stopped Dublin winning!! :laughing:


I’d like to see Jack mcCaffrey getting a full game here.

I would also like to see McCarthy start to come back - that injury, whatever it was, was obviously serious enough.

Can’t make the game, anyone know if it’s been shown live or even deferred?

The match will be shown live on TG4 on Sunday.


Bit of a dead rubber. I’d like to win the League again seeing as we haven’t won it for twelve months. I am 100% convinced we will win. I am 100% convinced. I want to go to Croke Park on Palm Sunday. I want it more than anything in the world.


Can you recite that with a langer accent :smile:

I certainly can! Unfortunately due to my own ad lib version that I let slip I now have the young fella going around the house roaring ‘I want to go to Tayto Park!’

On the match - what is the story with James Mc? Named last week and not even togged out? Rochey - any news here? The guy they stuck in the 5 jersey last Saturday night looked no more a footballer than Harper. He must have won a DCB competition or they must have plucked him off the Hill or something.

According to Jim Gavin young James had a heavy cold last weekend and will be fighting fit for next Sun

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Is there an injury with CK or was he just not selected / required for the Roscommon game ?

Want to see us being more ruthless in front of goals, last thing we need is the perception or media talking about Dublin struggling to wave the green flag. Was good to see it happen against Roscommon

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Wouldn’t mind seeing Berno getting a start . I would love to see Jim empty the bench the way he did against Roscommon . I’d be more confident of a win if he did that , just with quality coming on . Be ruthless as you say .

Where’s Johnny Cooper?