NFL Division 1 Round 7, Monaghan v Dublin. Sunday April 2nd 2pm, Clones

Someone mentioned on one of the other threads that he’s carrying a knock.

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I heard someone say they saw his face, and he had a serious shriner…


The Farney will give it socks but at the end of the day we have better footballers.
Hardroot of a game. Looking forward to it.


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Heard we won’t be seeing Coops for about 3 months. He was in stats box in AC last week looking a bit glum. No shiner.

what has happened to micheal savage ? has he left the panel , an 18 year old sub goal keeper if cluxton gets injured ??

That’s a strong team , of course whether that’s the starting team is another question.

He has started the named team in last two games so could be.

Hope so , its beginning to take shape now !

Buttsy wasn’t a named starter v Roscommon?

James McCarthy didn’t start last Sat.

Savage got married a few weeks ago - should be back on panel around now I think

Any idea what’s up? Bad news for the fella anyway.

He’ll find it difficult to get back in, that’s why he looked glum I would say.

Think he has a prob with ankle

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You’ll see what I’m talking about.

Just never heard of that word!

Dub09, I said ‘shRiner’

I suppose it refers more to the type of player. As an 18/19 yr old I remember we were off to
play junior Championship up in North County Dublin. One of the ould lads told us to watch ourselves
that they were “Hardroot” or “Hardy Roots”. Don’t ask me why that came into my head while responding to the thread!! That being said I expect the Farney to give more than a good account of themselves. They are capable and Mc Manus is class. Will be disappointed if Dublin don’t win however.

Hey, it’s a good word, I like it. Funnily enough, it actually sounds like a Nordy word, and them Farny lads are surely Hardroot!
Monaghan gave us our hardest game in the league last year. After being underwhelmed by them over the last few years, despite the two Ulster titles, I feel there’s something more in them, and that is likely to be either this year or next, or never . And what we really need is a Farny fan on ResDubs, to keep manners on Rufus & Daller…

Anyone know the permutations on this. If we don’t get a result can we still make the final? I assume we are safe with a draw.