NFL Division 1 Round 7, Monaghan v Dublin. Sunday April 2nd 2pm, Clones

Yeah. I think a draw is enough to reach the final, irrespective of how any other county does. But if Monaghan & Donegal both win, then they both go thru to the final & we miss out.

If we lose, then we need Mayo to beat Donegal to make the final. Or just draw, as I think we have Donegal on scoring difference, if we both finish level on 9 pts.

What channel is showing our game ?

Tnag, if the old Gaelge is not up to scratch it will probably be on premier sports if you have access to it.

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If we do make the final - any idea when it is on ?

Next Sunday

cheers thank you

Thanks bigP

All the ingredients for a great game. Strongest side Dublin have fielded all year but Monaghan are no pushovers.

9th of April

Yeah it is.

Lots of intensity, not much quality so far

5 wides in 13 minutes…yikes !

Monaghan better side so far. Couple of scores needed.

There’s one

Is Berno injured?

Dunno about better side, have been more clinical though.

Presume it’s just a switch? No COS either.

The umpires are v slow

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Bit odd… you’d think he’s need the game time.

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Another goal chance missed :smirk:

Didn’t even look like it was going in.

Why are we so poor with these chances?