NFL Division 2 2019

With apologies if this should be in the overall NFL Thread, but I’d hope there is enough within the subject to justify a thread of its own.

I think Division 2 will be very competitive this year, and that appears to have been borne out today with two draws and two narrow victories.

The teams are, Donegal and Kildare who were relegated from Division 1, Armagh and Fermanagh who were promoted from Division 3, and Meath, Clare, Tipp and Cork.

I’d guess that Donegal will be warm favourites to go up and then it’s a matter of one from the rest. For ourselves, we would hope to maintain Division 2 status and continue to play a good standard of football which should help the ling term development of the team. With a full panel to pick from this year - barring injuries - it should be an achieveable goal.

We played in Newbridge today, and by all accounts we threw away the victory, with Kildare equalising from a soft enough free with the last kick of the game. However we should have been long out of sight. Kildare I believe had a lot missing and so are likely to get stronger.

The other draw saw Fermanagh and Cork finish level in a low enough scoring encounter.

There was a three point victory for Donegal in Clare whilst Meath had four points to spare over Tipperary in Navan, after the visitors were reduced to 14 men.

Early days, and still all to play for, with our next match a ‘home fixture’ against Clare in Newry, which is a punishment for the team training last April. :roll_eyes:

Can’t see anyone finishing ahead of Donegal and wouldn’t be surprised to see Armagh go up,will be tight between them and Kildare I reckon

Big gap between top six in Div 1 and the rest in Division 1/2. Donegal were unlucky to go down last year - it should have been Mayo. Donegal should bounce back and stay in Div 1 - Roscommon, Kildare, Armagh, Cavan and maybe Mayo will continue to yo-yo between the top two divisions.

I think Mayo did what they had to do. Donegal only have themselves to blame, in my opinion.

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Such a tough division to call other than Donegal going up and Tipp going down.

really could see any of the other teams finishing between 2-7th

Couldnt be so sure on Tipp going down? Cork, Clare Fermanagh Meath cant see a whole lot between them.

I think I would be close to agreement with you - possibly a top seven after which there would be a significant gap?

Dublin, Kerry, Tyrone, Monaghan, Donegal, Galway and Mayo for me, although the Championship may see Mayo’s stock falling - only time will tell. Donegal are playing in Division 2, but I’d have them comfortably ahead of Cavan and Roscommon.

For us, playing with a full hand, I’d hope we’d be a top twelve side, i.e. top half of Division 2.

Tipp just missed out on promotion last year. Lost by one point in their last game away to Cavan.If they had beaten Cavan, they would have been level on points and promoted on a better head-to-head. That said, I think they only finished a point or two ahead of being relegated, such are the tight margins.

At the risk of some yerra-styled poormouthing, the Donegal that are actually lining up aren’t exactly certs for promotion. There’s a lot of depth in the county set up at the moment but between the 7 Gaoth Dobhair men, the injured and the late returners (a staple for Donegal in the league to be honest) the remaining panel is a little unbalanced. Talented, aye, but lopsided.

Mind you, I’d wager that everyone, bar maybe Armagh, is sitting around cursing missing players. That’s why Division 2 is what it is.

If someone’s prepared and taking it as seriously as they can, it’s there for them. If there aren’t two such teams (and there mighn’t be), Donegal have enough left around to win it. Maybe they’ll even win in Letterkenny while they’re at it.

Sounds like Donegal pulled the Meath game out of the fire, coming from 4 down with 12 to go to win by 2. Donegal were the home team

Meath look to be improving slowly but those defeats can be a kick in the teeth to a team not exactly bustling with confidence

Wasn’t at it myself (was at the ladies match) but that’s the word from home. Meath were supposedly pretty decent for an hour.

What was the Meath keeper at???

Serious blunder alright I heard he can’t get a game in goals with his club Donaghmore/Ashbourne another lad is their keeper

A lot of folks unhappy with mcentee and his choice of keeper

Look at moss on the terraces at parc de frank yesterday , and yeah the pitch is a disgrace.

I’d say that’s not to anyone’s lichen.

What was the attendance for that game yesterday?

I read somewhere 6500 ,thats for 2 games .

He’s the no 1 for the club. Played for his club at the weekend AFAIK

Ok maybe so but he definitely wasn’t the No. 1 last year bad mistake but I suppose for a keeper these things can happen