NFL Round 3: Cork v Dublin Páirc Uí Chaoimh - Sunday 19/02/2023 - 3.45pm

Getting the ball rolling on this one - Cork took Kildare to the clearers anyways.

Where’s this Cork place anyway?


28 August 1983
Get to leafy Glanmire.
Muscle memory


If you can make this trip then id highly recommend it.

The Parc is just fantastic and something Cork can be rightly proud of.

A night out in Cork is always good too.

Forget the Meath result this Cork team are improving.

They have a very good manager in John OLeary who did great work with Castlehaven.

Kevin Walsh in there as well to tighten them up at the back.

This will be a good test of Dublin.

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If you compare the Kildare results, there should be nothing in this game, but then look at the Meath result and you would have to think we would have way too much for the Langers.

Agree, great nights had out in Cork on the sesh!

Comparing like for like at this stage of the season though is not an ideal way of gauging who will win. Simply put we have always struggled in the league away to Cork no matter how good or bad they were.

I think we will win but only just. Even against Limerick at times i felt we took the ball too much into contact trying to get into goal scoring territory. We cant afford to get turned over as Cork have some decent forwards who can pick off scores.

The week off will be intersting to see how players are physically. In the Jim Gavin era i always fekt round 3 we were vulnerable to a defeat at the expense of lads doing a lot of heavy training. Lets see

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First round of AFL on the Sunday morning will reduce followers.

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Sorry ofcourse i meant Cleary.


PUC looked great again under the lights on Saturday evening for the hurling against Limerick. Decent enough crowd, too?

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Just shy of 20,000, crowds seemed very big at all the games over the long weekend, big fan of the bank holiday this early in the year, bloody great.

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Assume this was supposed to be posted on a Cork football forum to you know, rally the troops ?


Ahh they might come out to see the mighty Dubs :sweat_smile:

I reckon there will be a decent crowd, hurlers on first and I’d say many will stick around.


Clubs be praying lads won’t make the bench Id say

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?? This a double header ?

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You just can’t help yourself, can you? :roll_eyes:

What do you mean :roll_eyes:

Butter wouldn’t feckin’ melt, would it? :innocent:

Ahhhh sorry lad…

Left my WUM hat at home today…:innocent: