NFL Round 4: Dublin v Clare Páirc an Chrócaigh - Saturday 25/02/2023 - 7pm

Might as well get the ball rolling for next game. Have been looking forward to this game for last few weeks. I think it was 1996 when last played Clare in a league game. It my late father county so will cheering on the Banner county on Saturday.

Colm Collins has done superb job managing Clare since took over in 2014 and keeping them in D2 since 2017. Clare could be pressure this year if Limerick or Louth get more than 4 points on league table. They have lost a couple big leaders in dressing room with retirements over last two years.

Dessie needs to look at tightening defence giving better protection to FB line. If play that open in championship could be another Donegal 2014 getting caught on the counter. No harm to give Ben Millst, Greg McEneaney, Lorcan O’Dell, Mark Lavin, Colm Basquel and a couple Crokes lads a run from the start.


I imagine there will be some sort of coverage since it’s on in croker?

It’s not being shown live on any TV channel, probably will be on GAAGO

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Yea, one would assume that since you have to pay for the privilege of gaago, that since it is in croker and the cameras will be rolling, that they will be showing it live!

Dont see it on GAAGO

Doesn’t seem to be available anywhere

Thats crazy, GaaGo have around 20 different channels, why wouldn’t they be showing as many matches as possible if there are cameras there??

You’d have to wonder on the benefit of playing it at 7pm if it’s not on TV/online ? If it was late afternoon, you’d get more walk ins/families.

Maybe there’s a shortage of refs… Actually, you would think after that performance on Sunday it was his first time reffing!


i know right …

Seems to be their offering this week

I’ll go down but it’s such a pain in the bollox getting tickets. They’ll offer you seats in the corner of the Hogan, five rows up from the pitch. It’s complete bullshit that you can’t sit where you want to.
A map of Croke Park, all seats have a green dot, when a seat is selected and paid for the dot turns red. Simples. The early bird has more choice.


The hurling should be main event. D1 game


Wow!! Shocked beyond shocked. I got a seat in Section 330 in the Hogan. :clap: :clap:

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Not looking forward to the huge sacrifice that driving down to Dublin and having to walk down Clonliffe Road to the Hill presents.
As I will be giving up several hours of my life to be there, we better win and play well in the process or there will be hell to pay … #Liveline
The players and their manager owe us big time.
Anyone know where to hire a small plane and banner with ‘Dessie and Giller Out’ just in case ?

ps Have they not released the team line up as of yet ?
pps Bet you there will be a terrible small crowd at the game(s).


Covering all the bases there heffo :rofl:

Dublin have never beaten Clare in a NFL game in Croker … just saying!


Have we ever played Clare in Croker in NFL

1974 and we lost.

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I knew leaving Croker that day that we were at nothing.