NFL Round 4: Dublin v Clare Páirc an Chrócaigh - Saturday 25/02/2023 - 7pm

Getting the old retaliation in first @Tayto :smiley:

And in other happier news @Stato82 ? :wink:

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Lost to Clare in '74 and then we were beaten by the Flour Bags in the League Final.
As DUB09 said how little we knew.

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I feel for you @Stato82 … being on here sometimes is like the having a discussion in my long term relationship (speaking but not really listening) :wink:

The sound of silence …

Reminds me of a longish story of the ex Na Fianna full back (my pal’s bro) and his smaller framed brother in the forward line getting larruped up the pitch … row over and all hands shaken … but then up lumbers full back 5 mins later (not the most mobile of athletes) to lamp his brother’s offender and row starts up all over again.

@Stato82 informs us of all the Clare Dubs results in the history of forever and a day … and a few posts later in wanders a.n.other to bring us the news we had already heard :smiley:

Possibly avoiding a clash with the 6 Nations?

I would expect the lowest crowd in a few years for a Dublin match in CP .

Might be pushed up by the fact that it’s no on TV

Maybe but going on the last game v kidare only around 17 k there doesn’t augur well for this one .

Was a lensiter game at the same time, always has a detrimental effect on the crowd.

the tipp game after the drubbin from mordor in 2010 was champo and can’t have had more than 20k.

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Was that a double header with Dublin and Clare in the hurling in 2010?

Remember we played them in AI semi final in 92 ?? Great fun !!


might have been, don’t recall. i just remember being at the 2 games after the mordor massacre and thinking dublin’s actual fans number about 10 or 12 thousand. the first game was the tipp one and the 2nd against armagh. the armagh game in particular i remember leaving delighted because dublin were full of chasing and turnovers and it was obvious the egos had been dropped and something had changed. mick mc in particular, like the pheonix arising from the ashes. not a soul could have known what was to come.

I knew. But @Tayto destroyed all the evidence.


I’ve never done a survey but my thinking has long been that our core Dubs SF support is about 18K.
Not everyone can make every game for a variety of reasons of course so let’s say 2/3 's can and we get to about 12K again plus some walk ins which will be reflected in ‘home’ NFL game against ‘less glamourous’ oppostion … let’s say a Clare in a Div 2 match.
That still makes Parnell Park too small a venue (and more difficult to access too v Croker). Much as we love Parnell Park btw.

Champo and Croker brings in more punters of course and I’m fine with that.


i think mick galvin scored a wonder goal in that game :thinking:

I think the year with we played Louth in Portlaoise in 2019 which was a double header with Carlow and Meath only attracted 14k between the two games. Dublin attendance at games outside of Croke Park at all levels is pretty poor.