NFL Round 5: Derry v Dublin - Celtic Park, Saturday, 04/03/2023, 5pm

Joe Brolly…whut about ye?

loads saying we could be embarrassed here but i have my doubts to be honest. i wouldn’t know a huge amount about derry apart from the fact that they’ve been improving over the last couple of years and are going well this year too. i had a feeling they were being over-hyped before the semi last year with little substance besides spillane’s waffle and his ptsd like fear of ulster teams. so it proved.

they’re dogged in the boring ballslesss rory gallagher way with a few decent players spotted around the park but when it comes to the last quarter of a big game, i’ve yet to see how they can do it.

if dessie keeps experimenting here with no rhyme or reason, they could win by 4 or 5 points because they’re at home. but if we give it a proper rattle we should at least get something.


Mad really, Derry are invincable, Clare are muck and what we are doing is unacceptable and an enbarrassment. There is a tendency to take things to extremes on here at times :grinning:, I reckon it will be close enough, the winners are pretty much certain of promotion, although at this stage it is hard to see either side not making promotion


Derry -1 according to the bookies.

I’m really looking forward to this game regardless of the outcome. Its the league and we’ve lost to worse teams than Derry over the past few years. Hope we have our best available team out & Derry likewise & its a right battle with promotion all but guaranteed.

Who said invincible. That’s a term you convinced yourself of

It is more likely to be a very tight low scoring defensive game given how Derry usually setup

Derry gave Clare the mother of all hidings last year in the championship .

Nobody said they are invincible except bigP but they’d be better than Clare if you are comparing the two .

Agree but I expect Dublin will be well up for this one . So I expect the performance levels to be much better this week

Aye this is the most difficult game in div 2. I would nt be surprised if Dublin produce their best performance of the year to date though. Should be no complacency here . Dubs by 4 . You heard it first….

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No need to take everything so literal, my point is at times we go from one extreme to another, Derry are a good side but not world beaters, And yes I was impressed with tthem in last years champo up until their exit…

I agree that nobody said they were invincible, but they did say ,
Cant see them winning in Derry but i wouldnt see any D1 team winning up there either.
as we will very possibly lose in An Doire
if Dublin don’t show up, they’ll be humbled.
** Derry will be a really tough day it looks like**
I agree Derry should offer a tougher test than Clare, especially away,

Looks like there will be a good crowd and this game could have a bit of champo atmosphere. Derry and their fans will be coming in expectation rather hope which could make it salty. Having said that, I don’t expect any classic. Rather, if we perform and they do likewise, it may be a repeat of Kerry-Armagh in Tralee.


E.g. Kerry last year.

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Didnt have the coffee yet Heffo ?

This is round 5 of the league by the way. Should be a good game. Win for Dublin and they are nearly promoted. Thought there could be an off chance Derry had Dublin go to Owenbeg but Celtic Park should make for a better spectacle.

I think Dublin will put in there best performance of the year so far…
Its obvious both teams targeted this game.They will probably meet in league final in a few weeks also
Id say Dublin by 3 pts

Derry at home, form team and are better than a good few sides in D1.

I think they also have the best midfield pairing in the country in Glass and Rodgers.

They also have improved their scoring average and arent as reliant on McGuigan.

Dublin on the other hand have 4/4 but only the Limerick game was comfortable.

If Dublin get any result in Derry it will be worth far more than 2 points.

Derry are on a different trajectory too Dublin.

Derry +4

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I’d like to see Jack and Jamesy get a full game in this match, see how they go. Would also like to see McEneany get a run, but looks like he is being kept for the 20’s. Win this and we will get promoted. I think Cork could beat Derry and sneak in for the other promotion spot

You really believe this …

How effective was glass against Crokes or Galway last year ….

Can’t say I noticed .

Derry would beat Tyrone and Donegal . Wouldn’t be sure they’d beat any of the rest

McCarthy played the full game last week. Think Jack will be used from bench this year having played little football in last 3 years. McEneaney kicked a nice point against Limerick but cramped up at the end of the game. Would let him play with 20s as only 19.