NFL Round 5: Derry v Dublin - Celtic Park, Saturday, 04/03/2023, 5pm

Glass was sick the week of that game.

He is an exceptional player and i wouldnt dismiss him based on that game.

Derry are better than, Donegal,Tyrone,Monaghan and Roscommon and possibly Armagh.

I didn’t dismiss him but best midfield partnership in the country is hyperbole

Mc guigan still gets half their scores on average per game this season after 4 games

Top scorer in division 2.

Name a better midfield than Glass and Rodgers ?

Glass was v poor in the club final until the last 10 mins. Mind you he was up against 16 men.


Thanks, I wasn’t sure if James played the full game as I only saw the highlights on the Sunday evening. Good to hear. I would start Jack rather than using him from the bench. Let him run his legs off and take him off if he tires. From the matches/highlights I have seen of him, he doesn’t look like he has been missing for 3 years. Looks to be 1 of the best players on show in the games he came on in IMO

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Dias gave him the run around in the first half and even outfielded him. Glass was good in the second half.

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Only very latter stages imo. I’m a fan but he was anonymous for 50 mins.

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Fred and Rodgers awesome pairing



Foster and Allen


Fenton and mc Carthy by a mile


Maybe in 2019…

It’s only march .

The only thing peaking in March are the Gold Cup horses .

I wouldn’t back Derry to beat Dublin at midfield or on the scoreboard in June or July

A few other teams yes but not Derry

i think are kerry ‘friend’ is delighted to be here in this glorious dublin site in 2023 rather than 2019. thank god he is to give us all a dose of the truth. doomed.


Nobody is peaking in March but with a condensed season its very hard to just switch on when you think you have too.

Dublin have been poor so far and need to start finding some form soon.

Dublin could conceivably play no D1 side until a QF or SF the way the draw is structured this year.

That makes this game important as a gauge to where they are

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Just my opinion,

Sorry now if i dont preach the gospel according to Dublin.

we would never expect that. good forbid. but we value your honesty and insight in these lean times. always good to have a sense check from someone from the ‘kingdom’.


We don’t need to find form soon . We have the Leinster championship for that

Did you watch Kildare and Meath recently ?

I’m concerned about our form from the perspective of the lack of new players which will hammer us in future years

But I’ve no concerns that Dublin won’t be in the championship shakeup for 2023

2024 and beyond is concerning


Would the reasoning for bringing Diaz back in be because of the roasting he gave Glass in the club finals? You would never know

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Happy to offer a opinion sure there is enough posters who like clapping each other on the back and reminiscing of the golden years.

Thats natural, God knows we did it over the past 8 years.

Dublin are one of the favorites this year with the experience they have but there is a last dance feel to it.

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