NFL Round 6: Mordor v Dublin - Pairc Tailtean, Navan, Saturday 18/03/2023, 3pm

Ok Mrs @JJF - get the kettle on, the coddle pot out & the hang sangwitches sliced…

Mad to have this on just before the rugby & a potential Grand Slam match. It’ll really affect attendance imo.


If the Dubs are on the nelly kelly I’ll watch at home because you couldn’t go out near a pub because all the tellys will be tuned into the Hen Scratching. With respect JJF I’m not going to Navan.
The last time I was at the Football Field in Navan Michael O’Hehir was doing the live commentary for the wireless.


There was an O’Byrne Cup match in Navan a good few years ago & it was savage craic, even though the result meant fcuk all to anyone. T’was the only Dubs match I’ve ever been to there. Atmosphere should be really good for this one, if it gets a half decent crowd.

We cant lose this but by God we will probably butcher a win with our level of performance and O Rourke will have Meath pumped for this.

Expecting nothing easy here especially as Meath have proved they can score goals

It was a replay back in 2010. We played them in the nell the sunday before and the replay was a midweek match in Navan.

We got out in front in the parnell fixture and they were trialling the stop clock. Berno didnt realise and all he had to do was kick it out of play and wed won but sure it dropped to the goalies hands and they got an equaliser.

We lost the replay to a last gasp Cormac McGuinness point but had enough chances to win. It was a great couple of games for January. Think we had all been snowed in over that christmas if memory serves me correctly

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if we don’t bate meath and louth handy enough im givin up


Meath shouldn’t ask too many questions, Louth will be a better challenge. They have big defensive issues and rely on goals. 8 point win.

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their scorin more goals than us at the minute, jaysus surely we can put a few in against meath and louth

Is this match on tv?

Yep, RTE.

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Went to extra time with Deano scoring well throughout … 10,000 of us attended and Dubs won by point.
I think it was 2015 ?

What kind of batteries did the wireless use?

We are going to see the worst ever ref ever, even worser than all the others we have seen this year so far, in this vital game. Mr Lane is the main attraction.

PS…Dublin must win as Croke Park need the revenue that the Dubs generate. I am therefore surprised and somewhat baffled that Dublin Joe was not appointed to the game.

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i was at a match in navan a few years back and I think Jack made his comeback either from injury or from been away if i remember correctly :thinking:? could have been an o Byrne cup game on a Sunday afternoon

There were wet batteries and then the dry batteries.

I’ll try and dig up what I can on that game.
A very enjoyable game.

Yep. That sounds about right.

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I have only these notes I made at the game … I was overestimating the attendance … it was acutally 7,500 but still a large crowd.
Not sure if Jack was back that day or not.

Our first game that year was v Laois in O’B Cup in Portarlington. I’d say a 1000 Dubs, all of us wearing our Dubs Christmas present gear and desperate for some redemption after out last outing which was against a team I forget in the AIC semi.
It was Baltic that day in Portarlingtom but we were just thrilled to be back. Maxi out warming up in a short sleeved jersey !.

Had a great chat with B Dunne before the game and got Jayo to sign an old newspaper article for me on what was his debut as a member of J Gavins’ Dubs backroom team.


Conor Lane referee Saturday. :roll_eyes:

Ah jaysus!