NFL Round 6: Mordor v Dublin - Pairc Tailtean, Navan, Saturday 18/03/2023, 3pm

So how was Fenton?

From what I have seen he’s a big worry …

Yeah, only a shell of himself😉. Is madden on the plane from oz yet??

I really got the feeling today that there is some lovely football waiting to burst out of these lads …

He was always the ultimate team player, in what was, from 2015 on, the ultimate team system. He was not the heroic traditional superhero type midfielder that the Kerrys and Galways & Meaths always love (except for that League Final catch! :heart_eyes:). There are/were other lads in the team that were more like that. For me Fento has always been more in the measured, timing, anticipation & smarts mould, like Deano at his best in that he ever looks in a hurry and is always in the right place and finds space, with hardly a possession wasted.

For a while there perhaps he was not really coming to terms with being asked to lead the team and be much more individual & selfish.
But he is looking like he’s finding the mojo again so far lately. Long way to go but we know what he has in him, I’m sure he will bring it out in spades as the season goes on.

What if he scores one?

Not many goal chances which is missing from our game so far this year we will need them against Kerry

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Fenton was dominant on kickouts and picked up a lot of ball unmarked in midfield after a turnover. He won’t have much easier days than that. Jones was marking him how is a decent player and quite strong but Fenton seemed to outmuscle him on mos occasions


Meath are huge problems through their development programme it seems

Lack of quality players is truly spellbinding for a county their size . At least Kildare produce good players who never fulfill their potential

Meath can’t even manage that


Meath won the Minor All Ireland in 2021.

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Are we playing them in a challenge match?

Was that o’gara’s first league start? Bagging 1-3 is good going.

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haven’t read too much on here since yesterday mornin due to alcohol consumption celebrations with the Dubs win and the rugby that i watched in a pub in fort navan, so not sure if the bits I read are a joke about Fenton. personally I think he had a fine game an stroked over 3 lovely points . i think the dubs knew at half time we’d win this game ( unlike the derry game) and eased up after about 50 mins . some lovely glimses of the dubs in full flight and a few silly mistakes and turnovers. overall a good performance and improvement from the last day. positives for me o gara, Fenton, murchan, bugsy, gannon (gettin better), and con gettin more on the scoresheet. no sign of Jack if anyone knows shed some light. looked at kerry and the rossies later and honestly think the dubs shouldn’t be too worried. we’ll wait and see what happens with the all Ireland champions mayo.

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It was might get himself to the championship first 21 maybe

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Jack got a knock in training before Derry game. Nothing serious.

I’m not knocking the lad but the meath team were that bad in skill level and tactical awareness I’m pretty sure and young forward in Dublin could have taken his place and got them scores . I’ve seen better defensive setup in lower level junior football .
They were that bad I suspect they done it on purpose!

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We beat Meath in league Div 2, and on that basis you don’t think we should be worried about the All Ire champs?

Wouldn’t argue with a lot of that. How did cork lose to Meath . Head scratcher that one

no , i didn’t see anythin very special about them last night unless i missed somethin, the rossies could have beatin them there at the end or at least got a draw. kerry will improve and so will we. their nothin special

Great to see Fento moving around the pitch like he owned it.

O’Gara could do no more, but does have to be borne in mind that it was the perfect defence to make a first league start against. The amount of space they gave our forwards was just ridiculous. His interview indicated he’s a lad confident in his own ability, and that’s a good thing too.

Gannon is super. I like him wing forward. We have plenty of options at wing back, but he’s the best shooter of them, and he’ll be covering loads of ground in both halves of the pitch anyway. He did do a feigning injury thing early on, which I wish he would cut out. But he’s going to be a multiple all star.


Leave him at wing back please . He wouldn’t score half as much at wing forward

It’s a completely different position in how the game is played

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