NFL Round 6: Mordor v Dublin - Pairc Tailtean, Navan, Saturday 18/03/2023, 3pm

The way the game is played, it’s pretty difficult to say who played wing forward and wing back, they interchange so much.
Yesterday, with Lahiff, McCarthy and Gannon, it was difficult to say who was wing back, who was midfield and who was wing back. Sometimes it was Gannon-MCarthy-Lahiff and other times it was McCarthy-Lahiff-Gannon.

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One position you’re facing the ball the other you have your back to goal .

The graveyard of wing backs to wing forwards is a long and lengthy list in Dublin football

It rarely works in my opinion .


I’d pay in just to see himself and Johnner’s son run up and down the pitch during the warming up.

ps He could probably play very well with one hand tied behind his back. He does his one handed thing a few times during the game.


We have to beat Louth next week ?

Did the Barcelona Marathon today, the best part was at the starting line there wasa lad with a kind of Meath shirt so I said hello, he asked me who won the game, I answered with a smug🤭


No we don’t.

avoid defeat I think

Fair play, I’d say it’s a tough marathon, plenty of hills in that city.

So does it go by head to head or scoring difference? If it’s the latter, then we only need to avoid getting beaten by 7 points.

It’s H2H

Potentially doomed.

How did it go?

We’re on 10 - they’re on 8.
Draw and we’re on 11 - they’re on 9.
Lose and we’re both on 10 and they win on the head to head.


You’d have got long odds in December 2020 that we’d be fretting playing Louth in a Div 2 shootout for promotion less then 3 years later


Even to suggest it, you’d be laughed out of it …… how times have changed

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Who’s fretting?

correct. we have the best squad in the country and should win the all-ireland this year, all things being equal. it’s that last bit that’s problematic.

@Nappertandy - if you see this drop me a text.

No, it is very flat, not as flat as Valencia, but far easier than Madrid, never did Madrid but have heard it is very tough

Good man P, what time? You shoulda told him they won, or got a draw

Altitude. Presumably Barc marathon doesn’t take in the hills then.