NFL Round 6: Mordor v Dublin - Pairc Tailtean, Navan, Saturday 18/03/2023, 3pm

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If he was much of a supporter he would have known the result I suppose, ah the time, 4:27, not my best but better than the last two, I am no Kenyan😂, it was like running at home, the amount of Irish was crazy, for a small country we do get about, flags everywhere,


Great time. Well done :clap:

So the Sunday Game goes to Div 2 highlights and talks exclusively about Limerick, then Kildare… Then on to Derry and Clare… ditto… Then to Meath and Dublin… Talks about Meath only Not a post match comment on Dublin, a team expected to be in the final shake up for the A.I. No mention of Killian O’Gara’s first start and scoring 1-3, how the Dubs played or anything else… Zilch!!! I suppose if they dont mention them, their minds might not be tormented by that awful vista and their dreaded nightmare of those City Slickers winning an A.I again… Ssssshhhhh!!!


3 or 4 years ago I remember posting about a young Louth minor called McCaul, who I thought was exceptional. He is just starting to come through now at senior level, they are bringing him on for the last 20 minutes or so. Like most gifted young lads when they first appear he can take the wrong option 2 times out of 3, But when he takes the right one, he can look a bit special.


I was only it the once but I remember going out to Gaudi’s garden and they’re being outdoor escalators in some of the streets around there they were so steep. My memory is that the Olympic Stadium was up on high too.

I know Madrid very well (you could call it my second home), wouldn’t really think of it as a hilly city but then again it’s the long drags that kill you in a marathon. I ran Dublin back in 2005 when it was on the southside route, once you cross the Liffey in Chapelizod you are climbing nearly all the way for the next 7 miles, from Dolphin’s Barn to Bushy Park is basically one long hill, then just when you’ve recovered from that the bastards throw Roebuck Road at you 21 miles in.

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Climb to Montjuic and gaudi park would half kill you I thought

Lisbon and Porto are the steepest cities I encountered in europe especially Porto

I hope you beat the Meath fellow home .

The former Me**h players of O’Rourke’s era must be thoroughly disgusted watching the present crop. You’d nearly feel sorry for them.


I thought that in Navan on Saturday. Apart from being poor footballers, they never laid a hand on us all afternoon.


Not so back in those times. A fella would want to have been in the whole of his health going out on to those fields.

Steady on there boss with the sympathy.


I said ‘nearly’.


Thats ok so .

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Well apart from the Meath 14, Costello punching Gannon in the ribs as he went by him. A sly dig in the great Meath tradition!! That certainty would have resonated with the Meath dirtbags of O’Rourke’s team!


TBF it was a callow Meath team, literally boys against men. Their free taker, Flynn, looks likes he’s about to sit the junior cert. O’Rourke seems to have decided on a clean out and giving youth a chance and knows it will take time.

What, not Cawrk?

Yep. It’ll take a year or so but they’ll be alot more competitive soon enough I’d say, and a good thing too, though I’ll live to regret that yet!

Altitude dahhling, altitude! It’s the lack of air that kills ya running, especially with the weather and likely pollution too(not as bad as the good old days but it’s still a very big city with alot of calm, and often hot weather, very dry for long periods, and temperature inversion weather in winter, which traps pollution and dust).

“With an average altitude of 650 m (2,130 ft) , Madrid is the second highest capital of Europe (after Andorra la Vella).”

Not sure there’s much raw material there tbh. You can give youth as many chances as you like … but they need to be at a certain basic level.