NFL Round 6: Mordor v Dublin - Pairc Tailtean, Navan, Saturday 18/03/2023, 3pm

Noooooooooo :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

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Is game sold out on Sat? Cant buy online at mo.

I told you that two days ago

Ah balls. I think i’ll watch the match from behind the wall. Anytime that fella is involved it’s a disaster.

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I remember being there in 1983. I think it was the first league match after the '83 All-Ireland and we got out with a draw. Michael O’Hehir was on wireless commentary alright. The media witch hunt was in full swing at the time and people were let’s say touchy. O’Hehir took a fair bit of verbal abuse from a few supporters who perceived him to be anti-Dublin during and in the aftermath of the All-Ireland and needed Garda intervention to keep him safe.

Outside of that, I cannot recall too many trips to Navan outside of underage in recent years. '95 and Jayo’s bootless goal, '96 and Smokey Joe getting us out of jail against Louth come to mind. I suppose Meath almost permanently occupying Division 2 and the lack of championship matches being played there explain that.


Lane shouldn’t be allowed referee any game at county level but particularly games involving Dublin. He hasn’t just fk’d us up. He’s done it on a regular basis over last number of years to lots of teams. Dreadful referee! We will get done this Sat if we give him half a chance!

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So if Dublin win in Navan they are pretty much promoted I think unless Louth beat Cork and then Dublin in Croker the following week?

if they don’t win in navan they don’t deserve to get promoted, if lessons weren’t learnt in derry we haven’t much hope

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It means no room for complacency. We need to be winning this with something to spare, as we really should be. A close finish with Conor Lane involved is not a scenario I would like to witness.

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Bang On there Timo. Exactly as I remember it. Re Micheal O’Hehir.

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Apparently this is sold out. Looking forward to it, fully expect us to win even though they will play above themselves because it is us.

how many doe’s it hold

11,000 at mo

:+1:, id say o rourke has them runnin head first into walls for this one

Expecting our best performance of the year so far this weekend. I hear in recent weeks there’s been some changing of roles in the management team so it’ll be interesting to see if that bears fruit.

Hope you are right time to start getting going second half very poor the last day want to see us learn from that .

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If we were to lose Saturday it would benefit Cork if they win there remaining two games. Derry will likely rest their team for last game against Cork as league final is week after final round of games.

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If we finish on the same points as Cork, do we not finish above based on the head to head?

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Yes your right. Sorry I had in my head another team could finish on 10 points. Derry will definitely beat Clare. The loser of Cork and Louth will have nothing to play for.

As our 6th and penultimate match in the campaign approaches I think it’s about time that our lads throw some kind of a shape against Morder, who have shown themselves to be poor opposition.
Another episode of “Who’s Fanny is it Anyway?” is not what I want to see.