NFL Semi Final, Dublin vs Donegal, Saturday June 12th, Breffni Park, 7:15, TG4

Saturday night football :sunglasses:

Doubt Murphy will be fit?

Need to see more of Peadar, Collie, McMahon and comerford. Emmet O Conghaile back on panel, never gets a run, what an underage footballer.

Any tickets going for this, I have been at all the games so far this year


Both teams will be happy with the venue. I sure both teams will have an experimental look about them.

I’ll swap you 2 Penneys tickets for a terrace?


is there floodlights in that place

Won’t need them. Match starts at 7-15, should finish at about 8-45. It’s bright another hour or so on June 12.


Are you worried about the time difference :rofl:


no im worried about the dubs player’s, ye don’t want Declan bonner comin up behind them in the dark, scary stuff

You serious re Emmet? He would have got through before now me thinks if it was to happen in football

He would have been a serious option for the hurlers if he went that route


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Trainer fodder again I’d suspect

Also noteworthy we haven’t seen Shane Carthy involved to date. Unlikely to happen for him now, unless he’s to be involved in Leinster.

I am serious. He is on the panel. I agree that if he was going to make it he’d have done it by now. Pointless if you don’t let him have the odd game.

Emmett isn’t the the first top class underage footballer to have fell marginally short at senior level. No shame in it either. He won’t be the last . Midfield if anything happens to Fenton is thin … wafer thin

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absolutely no shame in it

One is just left wondering if he would have made it to match day game time with the hurlers


It’s a fair point

MacMahon is going well . Should keep his place . Comerford back in goal . James Mac back
Peadar Byrne to continue with Fenton .
Howard to start again
Fitzsimons Byrne Cooper
McCarthy MacMahon Murchan
Fenton Byrne
Scully Kilkenny Howard
Basquel O Callaghan Costello

McDaid P Small Bugler Lowndes R Basquel

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Good selection.Difficult to argue against anyone on it. Having said that I feel Bugler and Lowndes could well make the starting team and even when Rock is back. Who’ll lose out? That’s the hard bit.


Fine player for Boden but I don’t believe Ryan Basquel has enough to make an impact at this level.