NFL1 2017, Round 6, Dublin v Roscommon, Croke Park, Saturday March 25th, 7pm

Interesting to see what team Gavin goes for here.

I suspect we’ll see maybe two more starters from the “First 20” regulars of last year. Cian O Sullivan will be one and maybe another one or two in the forward line. I’d like to see Jack mc back soon as he needs games.

i’d say he will want to lay down a marker to this roscommon team who are taking all before them this year with their exciting new manager.

This is a 15 point minimum rout for Dublin unless they want to give the entire u21 team a run out

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Complacent talk there lads … ye sound like Eddie Jones … and we know how that ended …

Any word on why Jonny Cooper has not been involved last few games ?

have you seen Roscommon this year . They are a shambles which is a hue pity for a fine proud people but their consolation is they will be free from the Mcstay tool by end of year I presume

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Ah noooo

Jim Gavin has zero intrest in laying down a marker to the 3rd best team in Connacht.

You can be sure of that

Irony detection not very good


Massive pain in his hole with the whole lot. Has taken up fishing apparently, semi-pro.


I think Flynn might start this game

No idea. Certainly the inner circle of Philly / Mick Fitz / Davy Byrne & Cooper is a tough one to break into.
The way Pat Gilroy released injury updates was a great help in avoiding us having to wonder & speculate where “such-and-such” was and fearing the worst. Gavin obviously works on a need-to-know basis only.

Way off, apologies haha

More like a “never-to- know basis” !


Any ref listed for this yet - and the hurling?

Cormac reilly for the football

To get the forwards into the swing of things it would be no harm if we gave the Rossies a trimming in this tbh . A good showing from them could set them up for the Monaghan game .They need to get back in the swing of things . I really think that’s going to go along the lines of the drawn games we’ve had . I still don’t think we would be assured of a final place if we win the Roscommon game . I’m glad Jim is giving DC a break but I think its time he’s sprung from his sabbatical.

Assuming we win, maintaining a good score difference is important, it could make the difference in making the final or not.

With all dues respect to Monaghan and Roscommon, Dublin should win their last two games to get to eleven points. Donegal and Tyrone each have difficult away games on the final day. I would envisage one or both dropping points and even if not, their margins of victory in their final games you would imagine would be small enough.

Can’t see anything other than an easy Dublin win. Roscommon are in division one but are currently playing like a division 3 team and even when they were at their best last year, they looked totally lost in Croker. I’d be shocked if they came within 6 to 8 points of us. In reality we should be winning by more than 10

JC has a foot / ankle injury for the past month, still out with it by all accounts.