NFL1 2017, Round 6, Dublin v Roscommon, Croke Park, Saturday March 25th, 7pm

Did he not start the named 15 in the Mayo Massacre? The most recent one, that is.

That’s the once …

Damm I’m good !

Some memory alright! :wink:

Croke Park 144.5x88m.
Dr Hyde Park 145x90m… Albeit from Wikipedia.

I want to go to Croke Park today. I want it more than anything in the world. I am 100% convinced we will win. I am 100% convinced.


I was only trying to play cliché bingo with Dub09!

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What decade is that from😂

Understand the match sharpness theory and all that, but if it is going to be 9 weeks from the league final round to the start of leinster champo ( Should probably be counting up to August), getting to match sharpness now is pretty irrelevant.

I hear ya… It’s amazing how the begrudgers say that Dublin don’t like playing in tight pitches away from Croke Park.

So true.! That old cliché was brought out last year about Nolan Park which is (according to Wikipedia at least) bigger than Croker by half a metre!
Anyway, the Rossies don’t like a dry ball…

Good strong team lined out, showing intent. Great to see Bernard and Paddy in action together again. Interesting to see how well Bernard will be as age is catching up on him. Great to see flynner and James back starting. Looking forward to it and a perfect night for it as well.

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Fellow Ressers, if there is a link for this I would greatly appreciate it. Having a lot of difficulty lately finding streams.

Try googling premier sports live stream. Just worked for me

Happy to see those changes.

Hope we unload on these tonight.


Small enough crowd milling around, considering it is only 45 mins to throw in. Would be surprised if this pulls in over 25,000.

Live stream here from cric free ,

What an offload from Bernard for that goal , fantastic