NHL 2018 QF, Dublin v Tipperary, Parnell Park, Sunday 18th March, 3pm

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What was the score?

2-20 to 0-14

If we pick big enough lads in the forwards and midfield who can win a bit of ball and stop Tipp playing it out (and maintain it for the whole game) we will be grand. If we don’t, we will be roasted.

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“We were coming into the first few games on the back of a lot of injuries, and we probably hadn’t got enough balance in the team,” the new boss (below) explained.

“There’s a bit of the team getting used to us as well, and exactly what we mean by our ‘workrate’ piece. And, you know, we were getting it in training but we weren’t getting it in games. But that has improved. The last two games have been very close to what we’re looking for.”

Interesting! I’m off now to waste a morning at work trying to read those tea leaves

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pretty much saying a lot and nothing at the same time.

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So you want forwards who can win a bit of ball & who can stop the Tipperary backs?..does actually being able to score come into the equation or are you hoping for a 0-00 to 0-00 result?

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Honestly, I would have winning the ball as first criteria and scoring with it as second. Obviously, if the two could be combined it is infinitely preferable. But a lad that has the ball might score, a skillful lad without the ball will never score.

In the last three games against Tipp, championship last year and the last two league meetings, the forwards couldn’t win the ball and couldn’t stop them coming out. So our backs just had the ball rained in on top of them all day. They actually did ok in all 3 games but Tipp just had to score from a small percentage of attacks and they were going to wallop us due to the amount of attacks (and our inability to score).

But I don’t think my point is strictly applicable in all cases, in Keaney, Sutcliffe, Hayes, maybe Winters and hopefully Dillon - we have lads who can do both.


Good points made there. With the lads you mentioned as potentially able to do both the challenge is finding their best positions and leaving them there to develop as a single forward unit.


Where did I mention skillful lads who can’t win any ball??

If we’re relying on Keaney scores from play to win us games we’re more fcuked than I thought. His scoring rate over the years for a player of his reputation is frankly embarrassing. Suthcliffe & Dillon not a whole lot better.

We scored 1-19 v Tipp last year in Championship. We’ll be doing well to get near that tally this weekend.

Which is why the number of injuries (or the injury policy), Cuala’s run and DIT & DCUs runs have not made the job any easier. The upside of it of course is that is other lads have got a chance. The key next will be to gell everyone into a team in time for Championship.

True enough! The management will about 5 weeks to try make it gel!

The going will be soft to heavy this weekend, especially after todays rain. Expect low scoring from both sides, especially from play.

If we keep the tackles tidy and we’re on form from frees then we could do something unexpected come sunday.

Well hopefully we won’t concede 6 goals this time round :flushed:

It’s not Sunday I’m worried about, it’s Championship in the summer. Are we going to go into it with a big physical team who will be ran off the park.

incidentally this was the team last summer

Dublin: C Cooley; C O’Callaghan, E O’Donnell, F Ó Riain Broin; S Barrett, C Crummey (0-01), S Moran; B Quinn, N McMorrow; D Treacy (0-11, 8f), L Rushe (0-02), E Dillon; C O’Sullivan (1-01), R O’Dwyer (0-02), D Burke.

Subs: J Madden for Barrett (24), F Whitely for McMorrow (h.t.), D O’Callaghan (0-01) for Burke (h.t.), T Connolly for Moran (50), R McBride (0-01) for Treacy (58).

That would be start anyway!

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Off course you didn’t say skillful lads who couldn’t win ball, as I didn’t say big lads who had no skill. It is the relative degrees of both that are being discussed.

I never thought of any aspect of Keaney’s career as being embarrassing, but each to their own as they say.

Not ever forward needs to be scoring. If Keaney starts at 11 and Maher starts at 6 for Tipp. I would be delighted if Conal manages to drag Maher who is probably one of best defenders in the business out of position. Then that might open a gap for Hayes or Winters. So happy days with that.

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