NHL 2018 QF, Dublin v Tipperary, Parnell Park, Sunday 18th March, 3pm

Assuming he plays, you can’t drop someone who scores 2-04 can you? This will be Hayes’ third match and he’ll have played Galway and tipp. 1b not so bad for experience really.


Hayes was MOTM v Laois So has to start v Tipp.

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There is an awful lot to be said for 1B. Especially with a new management team.

I do worry that the Cuala success will have the same effect the Cross success has on Armagh football, but other then that 1B is the ideal place for setting a team up for championship.


If Cuala win on Saturday I don’t believe they will have the appetite to go at it again next year! Think Crokes might win Dublin next year! Plus side of this is we will have a better panel available at start of league in 2019.

Is this Donald Trump?



Maybe we could build a wall around our defence!


Re Hayes, I had forgotten this was him


Great bit of improvisation. Funny that he wasn’t really a starter on that minor team - not sure if he was carrying a knock then or why, but he’s done well so far at senior. Hope he can keep it up.

Crokes will want to improve on their league game last night

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I think Cuala we’re out of sorts until midway through the Dublin championship last year. It’s all about peaking at the right time of the season!

These elongated runs will catch up with you eventually. that’s why it is so hard to win two in a row. Would be a huge achievement for Cuala if they win on saturday.

Absolutely! But that’s exactly why I don’t think they will go well as a team next season! But Pat Gilroy won’t be to worried about that! He will see it as a chance for the Cuala lads to take on a new challenge with the Dublin team!

I wonder what the team will be for Sunday? I don’t know of anyone that will be available that wasn’t available last week. I assume Rushe, Dillon, Connolly are still out. Cian Boland not in the subs last week so there must be something wrong with him.

I would like to see Conroy get a go if he is half way right. Also Joey Boland and Peter Kelly have been back in the panel, but maybe they are on a longer term trajectory.

But I suspect very much the same as last week to start anyway… but who knows really!

Limerick in the same boat with na pairsaigh players but they arent holding back as a result

Limerick much further down the progress line than Dublin! They have knocked on the door for promotion for about 4 years now! During that same 4 years we saw Daly’s team slide a little in 1st year and last 3 years need no comment from me!

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not disagreeing with you, highlighting how Cuala players returning wont cure Dublin hurling ills over night .
Also suppose one could argue in John Kiely Limerick have a manager with an innate local hurling knowledge but maybe John Costello knows better

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Dublin panel has to benefit in some way by getting the Cuala lads back in the fold! Not suggesting they will win McCarthy cup any time soon! But improve them they certainly will!

no doubt Cuala players will improve them considerably, as they have all had 2 years top class hurling coaching if nothing else but as to where that still brings us i’m not too optimistic,

I would have Sean Moran 100 times out of 100 ahead of Johnny Mccaffrey as one example


Yes I would have Moran in ahead of McCaffery also! But Gilroy can only play lads that are available/ not injured So maybe as was mentioned on here before. Better to wait 18 months before we judge! Not suggesting you are judging by the way!