NHL Rd 3 Dublin V Tipp Tipp Tipp Croke Park Saturday February 25th @5pm

We have a decent enough record with Tipp this last couple of years. so how will this one pan out??

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Going to be a real marker to where both teams are. Point or two either way i would say. If tipp open up, Dublin could be well bet but feel Dublin are a solid team who won’t allow that to happen.

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On paper Tipp should win by 8-10 points . The locals won’t accept anything else

I’d like to see some consistency in selection and a little less reliance on Donal .

As far as Tipp and their hurling fans are concerned Dublin hurling is a waste of good ash so one advantage is they absolutely won’t rate us one iota


Will COS be back for this one? Will definitely need his threat up front

Maybe, but I doubt it, especially after beating them in their own home patch this time last year.

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Until we can beat the top few teams when it counts they will continue to have that attitude towards us unfortunately.


Well, we beat them last year and it didn’t do us much good later in the year.

Definitely need him and Considine fit if we want to do anything later this year, unfortunately, our goal threat basically disappears if those two arent playing. Any word on Hayes? Would really like to see him tired in the HF and see how he gets on.


A good performance with lots of aggression, hard work and try keep it tight enough and id take that. I’m not sure where our scores will come from particularly if they mark Donal tightly(if our injured lads remain injured). I fear for us a little at the back too if ran at, id be playing Andy Dunphy in the corner instead of Doyle(Tipp could target him and hes young, and new to county so I wouldnt wanna see his confidence take a bashing). Dara Purcell needs to start on a big pitch like this. Id be confident with a full team but we are getting hammered injuries wise unfortunately. It would be great given our injuries/lads only coming back to give Tipp a proper rattle.


Paddy has a serious attitude. He’d be looking forward to this I’d say. Agree on DP. He got good scores against Ballyhale in HQ so the bit of extra space would suit him.


You’re right about Paddy. Fantastic attitude. No jersey would faze him


Doesn’t seem to be available to watch

Think MD will go for a strong team this weekend and for me, Dunphy starts if he’s fit.

Hope to see one or two back from injury, going to need the team taking shape from here.

Has there ever been a doubleheader in Croke park before where neither match is being televised/streamed on any platform?

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I’m sure he will. The point i was making was its a tough ask for a 19 year old to mark a Tipp corner forward on a big pitch…potentially Jason Forde. Not many tougher tasks in the game. Anyway best of luck to him, I think he will be more suited to a central position as he gets older.


So seem this is not being carried on TV or stream, any radio likely to cover it? bogger FM?

Nope . Going into it myself as can’t see it any other way

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You’d think that new deal with Clubber would have had some league games included and not just the pre season cups


Drew with Waterford too, was all downhill from there wasnt it :slight_smile:

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That’s more like it . Bit of doom :partying_face:


My stab at a team for tmr. Not sure how we are fixed up front with injuries.

Dunphy, O’Donnell, Doyle
O’Donoghue, Smyth, Gray
Burke, O’Leary
Boland, Burke, Sutcliffe
Purcell, Dillon, Crummy