NHL Rd 3 Dublin V Tipp Tipp Tipp Croke Park Saturday February 25th @5pm

A lot more experimentation going on this year though. We used the fewest players of any Div1 team last year, a record we won’t match this year I suspect.

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Bolt from the blue! … is he on the panel?

Ciaran Archer might be too

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I’m hoping for a mild evening. The Hogan can be one cold kip if the wind is giving it socks.


He’s there.

Didn’t know that, that’s good

Double headers in February are not for the faint hearted though. 3 hours plus in the one spot fairly lowers the body temperature!


Sure all you have to do is go for the hurling, too close to bedtime to watch the snoozeball for me


That was my thinking too!


Less need for sleeping mediciation though

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It’s the thoughts of packing pillows into a back pack that really puts me off to be honest :wink:

Snoozeball … brilliant :star_struck:

I’ll be in for the Hurling and I’ll give the 1st half of the Football a go but if they start this over and back shite I’m gone.


Really interested to see Costello in the wide open space with his pace.

Like a young Leonard Cohen with that one

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That’s not A bad team at all. Great to see considine back. Disappointed cos is not back fit. He looked grand going off. Hopefully on bench.

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No, he is not unfortunately

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