NHL Roinn 1 Round 4 Kilkenny v Dublin - Nowlan Park - Sun, Mar 12, 2023 At 13:45

He’s great at finding space floating around, particularly on the left, and pinging ball over the bar from distance, the only weakness to his game is pace though, not sure he’s going to have the speed to create goal chances.

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Think Donal needs to keep doing what he’s doing. The other forwards need to up their performance levels. Don’t think it’s the game plan letting us down, it’s lads missing first touches and taking the wrong options that hurts us most.


Off to America

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Purcell’s speed will be a factor in creating goals also. He draws defenders and has the ability running from deep which is a nightmare to defend.

Hayes also a good man to create chances from out the field.

If he was playing…


Ye. Strange one that.

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Being on the pitch definitely makes it easier to contribute.


Was really hoping we’d get some games into hayes as HF this league. Injuries really hampering preparations.


But Hayes is also an onlooker when we play the way we do… If 3 or 4 balls comes his way for the entire game that is the height of it… Have we ever seen Donal put a low ball into the full forward line?

Which is making the game a tad boring a lot of the time if we’re being honest.


Who is he putting it into though ?

If COS or considine isn’t there we probably aren’t scoring any goals

For me anytime Donal wants to stick over 7/8 from play I’m happy

Dublin have had plenty of goal chances in games I’ve watched over the last 5 years .

Generally miss most of them

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Not sure i’d go as far as boring but goals do lift things for sure.

We do need to be less reliant on him though, he can’t do that every day.

I think we’re playing more ball into FF line this year, Considine got on a lot of ball v tipp judging from the comments and clips i’ve seen, although from some of the clips he was further from goal than you’d like ideally and tipp seemed to be all over him. Need another danger man or two inside with him, he combined really well with COS v Waterford and if you added a Purcell or a Currie inside as well you’ve more natural forwards then we’ve had in some time.

Just looking through our teams v Kilkenny since 2019 and a lot of guys like Rushe, Whitley, Keogh, and Crummy are in the FF line, are all able to do a job in the forwards but I wouldn’t put any of them down as natural scoring forwards.

Is Rian McBride definitely gone for the year? His experience, while still being relatively young, would be a big asset. His ability to be given a ball under pressure and deal with it, is missing a wee bit.

Think Rian is getting better reputation by not playing. Thought his decision making in possession was not county standard personally


No sign of him on any match day panel anyways.

Never really stands out at club level for me or against the better teams at county level.

McBride is a good athlete and a good man to get stuck in. His hurling and decision making let’s him down any time I’ve seen him. Gets a lot of possession but the end product, whether it be a pass or a shot at the posts always let’s him down.

Time to let this new crop have their go. Hopefully a few being thrown in the deep end will stand to us over the next few years.

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That’s it in a nutshell. Good ball going into the full forward line and it’s coming straight back out. Last year in particular was difficult to watch. Their basic skills and touch was very poor.
I say leave Donal do what he’s doing and let the others try and reach his standard.

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Ah he had some seriously good games in the past. Not the most stylish, but very effective at getting on ball and moving it on. If he was available I would think he would be a first choice midfielder.