NHL Roinn 1 Round 5 Dublin V Laois - Parnell park Sunday Mar 19 2023 @ 13:45

Closing the lid on this week and opening up the next installment. Would be looking for our forwards to have some more freedom here albeit on a tighter field.


Ah sher we’re wasting our time, the players barely know which end of the hurley to be holding, and no one cares, everyone is following the tiddlywinks these days anyways.


Starting 15 for the next day.
1 gibbons
2 Dunphy 3 Smyth 4 Bellew
5 Donoghue 6 o Donnell 7 Grey
8 purcell 9 Mellett
10 Boland 11 o’Leary 12 Burke
13 Considine 14 Sutcliffe 15 Cian O Sullivan


Lot more speed around the place there, especially middle third.

A Dublin Laois hurling thread. Jaysus this never ends well …


… the excitement here is palpable! 4 whole posts! :rofl:

Good bit more speed around the middle third there, i wonder will MD go for it in this one or keep trying guys out?

Can’t just get enthusiasm up out of thin air , this match will receive a very high percentage both during and after the game , very hard to know what to say beforehand other than a bucket load of cliches

You want hundreds of posts watch what happens if we lose


Ah but someone must have some thought on what we might do for this one that isn’t a cliché? 4 posts on the Wednesday before a game. Jaysus. :rofl:

Gawd! :rofl:

It was bad enough this week already

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Dead rubber.

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In fairness, I see Dublin Meath only has 29!
Hard to know what to expect from a team selection point of view.
You would think be as near to championship team now being only 5 weeks from it.
Im sure Laois will have focus on Westmeath relegation playoff so would expect them to be resting a number of players.


Purcell and Mellett not even in the 26 last Sunday. Both are fit but clearly not in his plans.

It’s hard to know who is in plans or not, Costello was out v tipp, and Ronan smith last week :man_shrugging:

Half the matches in the six nations/premiership are dead rubbers but it doesn’t seem to stop people from getting very excited about them. We really seem to have an attitude problem in the GAA when it comes to games, should we not be hoping to finish as high in the league as possible, to get a win under the belt before championship, to lay down a marker, to recover from last week … whenever we’re expected to win there’s zero interest unless god forbid we don’t win then all hell breaks loose!


Yerra …

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Not trying to be funny but who exactly are we laying down a marker for ?

You’ll need to ask @Tayto. He’s the one holding the marker.


Ah yeah because we’re so far ahead of Laois they’d never beat us right, riiight?

And if Kilkenny lads had that attitude towards us we’d have the cheek to be insulted.

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