NHL Roinn 1 Round 5 Dublin V Laois - Parnell park Sunday Mar 19 2023 @ 13:45

Dublin scorers: D Burke (0-10, 6 frees, 1 65); A Considine (1-3); C Boland, D Purcell (0-3); C O’Sullivan, F Whitely, C Costello (0-2); D Sutcliffe, D Gray, P Crummey, C Burke (0-1).

Laois scorers: S Maher (0-11, 11 frees); S Bergin (0-3); J Kelly (0-2); A Corby, J Keyes, T Keyes, PJ Scully (0-1).

Dublin: S Brennan; D Keogh, Eoghan O’Donnell, P Doyle; C Donohoe, P Smyth, D Gray; C Burke, C O’Leary; C O’Sullivan, D Sutcliffe, C Boland; P Crummey, D Burke, A Considine.

Subs: D Power (Considine, 25); D Purcell (Donohoe, h/t); C Costello (O’Leary, 43); F Whitely (O’Sullivan, 60); A Mellett for Sutcliffe (68).

Laois: E Rowland; P Delaney, I Shanahan, P Dunne; L Senior, R Mullaney, D Hartnett; J Kelly, P Lalor; S Maher, A Corby, J Keyes; A Dunphy, W Dunphy, S Bergin.

Subs: R King (A Dunphy, 43); P Purcell (Senior, 43); T Keyes (W Dunphy, 50); PJ Scully (Bergin, 56); C Stapleton (Lalor, 63).

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Midfield still an issue for me after today

Not sure on O Leary yet at this level

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Off topic but one of the best inside forwards in recent times.


I will approach the Champo this year like every Champo since I was a child.
With much hope and little expectation.
I will attend when I can and enjoy it all nonetheless.
G’wan the Hurdling Dubs.


It’s the Davy way


Burke went to midfield for this one? he’s tried out a lot of different combinations and seems to want two big men in there

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Who was on him ?

How did Keogh go at corner back?

Vague enough injury update will know more about Currie this week, hopefully, that it’ll be only a few weeks, Considine will need a scan obviously before the extent of the injury is known and Hayes is back running. Could really use all of them back for Leinster.


Why are a team that are pretty poorly supported as is not demanding more information on the team, so that the few people who show an interest have something to talk about?

I find it unique to the GAA that outside of the big teams theres generally nothing to talk about


Keogh didn’t play. Eddie Moran from Whitehall started. Subs numbers were all over the place.

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Ah right, thanks, how did Moran go? Thought he did well in his earlier chances.

So so. A bit jittery but played his way into the game. Laois attack wasn’t great, to put it mildly.


Pretty ridiculous alright. What harm would it be posting when/where challenge games are on. Also who is on the panels. Youd think Dublin would be the market runner in promoting their team. Interviews about nothing after the games. The lack of attendances at club games too…honestly if they were properly promoted youd get more people there. Probably the first time ill say this and last but we could look a bit at how the fai recently has captured the imagination of non league of Ireland people to attend games.


Is there still a dublin development panel this year.? As there was last year?

Ah to be fair no county manager is going to do that anymore


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Good to hear about curry not being too bad. He didnt look great coming off against kk last week so if hes back in time for championship thats a big boost, hopefully considine ok too.

I’d say considine be lucky to be ready in 4 weeks

Looked bad going off did he? We’ve Antrim on the 22nd which is 5 weeks away, Westmeath on the 29th, and then the crunch game v Wexford on the 6th of May. You’d hope he’d be in contention for the Westmeath game in 6 weeks to get back in the swing of things in time for Wexford.