NHL Round 2: Cork v Dublin 7pm Sat, 18/02/2017 Páirc Uí Rinn

Our second match of the NHL. The less said about the first one the better.

They might even get the National Anthem right this time!!!


So that was a true story??? Langers.

Yep. Couple of lines of the “Il Canto degli Italiani” :laughing:

That was what I had heard happened… thought it was a wind up.

its true alright. There’s a video of it up online somewhere.

Cork had 8 young new players last week and won pulling up . The machine down there is cranking up again
I’m going to confidently predict cork is going to be a powerhouse in the next 2-3 years again

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You’ve been hopelessly wrong on Cork being at the top table before :slight_smile:

I won’t be this time !
Ironically it’s about the game I think we have a chance in as we should know their team inside out

Saw bits of the Clare game on the telly and Cork knocked over some good scores. But I’m going to stick my neck out and predict that the manager from Cork will be happiest after the game.

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The only way we’re winning this is if we invent a time machine, go back in time and take Mick Bermingham, Joey Towell, John Twomey, Brian McMahon Sean Kearns Joey Morris Brian Kelleher and Liam Walsh from there peak back to 2017 and name them alongside ODonnell Rushe Barrett Crummey maguire and McMorrow and then ask Keaney how he’s fixed for a game.

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Their record at all age groups the last two years is scary

They’ve had no appreciable under age success for a decade and beat a Clare team battered by Davy Fitz for the last three years.

I’ll be waiting a little longer before I’d be making predictions about Cork.

And Ringo!

On Cork, Kingston and Cadogan have serious pace. They will score goals. End of. Will we? Cork have been flaky for the last few years but we don’t have the bodies to take them on. At the risk of being told to ‘stop being negative and support the lads etc’, the fact is that we have no hope of winning this match. A better performance is the best we can hope for.


Won this fixture well last year Dublin 4-21 Cork 2-17

Dublin: C Dooley; E O’Donnell, C O’Callaghan, O Gough; S Barrett (0-02), L Rushe (0-01), J McCaffrey (0-01); D O’Connell, D Plunkett (0-01); S McGrath (1-00), N McMorrow (0-02), D Treacy (1-07, 0-4f); D O’Callaghan (0-01), M Schutte (0-02), E Dillon (2-03).

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Minor? U21? Or younger.

It’s a long way from U16 to senior. We of all counties know that.

did a clean sweep of underage (other then minor and u21) the last two years except for one age group last year - no guarantees but it suggests they’re sorting themselves out.

It does in some way but those tournaments don’t mean much at the end of the day. They have a way to go yet.

Ah yea, deffinitelybut if it was dublin doing that i’d be getting excited … allowing for all the usual caveats etc.

in a traditional hurling county with a multitude of clubs and hurlers it means a lot in my view.

The biggest advantage Kilkenny have had has been a disorganised cork - now that they are organised in a county where hurling is a religion - it could be another Dublin at football