NHL Round 2: Dublin v Antrim - At Parnell Park, Sunday 12th February 2023, Throw 3:30pm

Starting a thread for this - be interesting to see if MD shakes the team around again or tried to maintain some consistency of selection. COS picked up a knock, although he seemed to walk off the pitch at HT fine, he had done some stretching after one of his runs, I wonder if it was more precaution than anything.

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I would consider this a must-win match. It’s okay to experiment against, and be beaten by a top team. Not by Antrim though, especially at home.


Oh, i’d say he’ll go for the win alright, but expect he’ll try a few new(ish) lads as well, so be interesting to see if he sticks with the same guys or gives others a start. Costello for example. Assume there’s fitzgibbon during the week, so might be without a few lads again, noticed MD said we have “3 or 4 injuries” talking about guys not injured during the match, so, assume he means Danny, Smyth etc. Would love to see Purcell involved.

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It’s an absolute cannot lose game . Any dropping of points here renders last Sunday redundant

I don’t want to see much deviation from last weeks team unless it’s Purcell and Danny coming in

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Keogh & Whitley under pressure after Sunday I’d have thought. Doyle battled hard but struggled in the corner, although as a new kid on the block you could give him another run.

Issue for me is if cos is injured who comes in? Likewise considine. If both are out then out scoring threat is significantly reduced and Antrim could make it an arm wrestle, they made Kilkenny work for their win albeit above where they’re more likely to be tricky.

I hate singling out players negatively online but imho, one of the two you have named, may not be persisted with.


Okay, not saying they’re bad players, anyone can have a off day or a day when things don’t go for them, so if they get another crack they’d hope to go better themselves I’d imagine.

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Whitely is good off the bench . Just as a starter it doesn’t work. I think Keogh can do the same . Anytime he’s played well it’s off the bench . I N wouldn’t have either as starters

I actually think however Keogh is a better footballer than some of the lads Dessie had playing against Limerick funny enough . One of the best club footballers I’ve seen in recent years


Skill level is lacking in the football for that standard imo, could argue the same in the hurling

Fitzgibbon games on tomorrow and maybe Thursday, will likely impact selection for this weekend

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Agree unfortunately but he’s not the only one. As the year goes on a few lads featuring recently won’t be seen again for the year you’d have to imagine. Injuries and the likes permitting.

Just have to win and by a few points as well. No if’s or buts. These are the games where a loss shouldn’t even be thought about if we are to be making progress.


Agree even one point is enough

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I think he’s saying one point is not enough.

Very shallow pool still, any injuries and the quality drops away. Hopefully, some of the newer guys can step up over the next few games and really make a case for inclusion in Leinster championship. Remember cos wasn’t used in the league when he first came back as was thrown into championship totally unprepared. We have to hope Fitzgibbon crew will get a few games when they’re done over the next week or two and also one or two of the newer guys will find their feet at this level some encouraging signs but they need to be given time as well.


I’d take any win . With Galway moving very well this year I think the championship centres around us versus Wexford really from our perspective


Two serious hurlers there… only torturing ye lads. Both playing in each corner would make many teams sit up and take note.


Whitely is not a midfielder imo, either wing or corner forward. With McBride gone, I’d either go Keogh & Boland in the middle or Danny & Cian.

Whitley is no superstar, but he does nail the basic skills even when being pressurised - so I can understand why managers go with him when short of options. if he makes the first 15 in championship it wouldn’t be a great sign if the team. But if he were to come on for the last 20 minutes and run as hard as he can, he could fulfil an important function I think.

Boland is, and always has been, quality. He made the U21 team of the year in his second last U21 year. His perseverance to overcome injury is impressive too. Others would have walked away by now. For me he is a natural midfielder, every other position is just shoe horning him in to solve a problem.

But in general if I had been told last year we were playing Waterford away without Crummy, Sutcliffe or McBride I would have been very afraid. So the result was a pleasant surprise.


Danny and Purcell would be the best midfield pairing we’ve had for a decade in my view