NHL, Round 2, Dublin v Laois, O’Moore Park, Saturday, May 15th, 5pm

Less opportunity to opportunity than if we were playing division 1a? O’Sullivan was thrown in by Cunningham as a kid he’s hardly an established county hurler. He will be given game time hopefully. We need to find 2 or 3 players at the minimum. Mattie seems to be want to experiment/see lots of players judging from that interview. Every team we put out is an experiment at this stage because no one bar 4 or 5 players has established themselves in positions.

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I think we should get 1-9 set now with crummy at 6

Forwards will always be a moving piece for us.

As do I but Crummy is staying up top unfortunately, Rushe at centre back is going to stay there i’d imagine. We should be getting our top back 9 going but it ain’t happening, several guys not playing in their best position.

The only decent point made by TSG was about Crummy’s ability to score 4pts from HB line.


Hopefully he’ll give COS a run and hopefully he’ll go well. The quality of ball by the time he came on the other day was hit and hope kind of stuff, we’d lost all shape and strategy by then.

Considering no one has trained properly in months , no club games in months , how any player can afford Not to play is beyond me , I’m bemused by try this try that comments it’s like the pandemic didn’t happen

There was a great article in the Sunday times yesterday

Top 4 teams last year had the highest scoring defences on a sliding scale from winners( Limerick) to 4th … ( kilkenny)

Seems to be a trend


So you don’t like people speculating on who they’d like to see on the panel and you don’t like people
Saying who they’d like to see given a run out. Alrighty then! Close the doors no need for a forum! :sweat_smile:

I get it in any year I’d be more than happy to pop names in , and join in its only the league , but this year try this try that not for me , our best players are not match fit
Another thing some of the names being mentioned are built on reputation nearly a year to two years ago having just left their teens , can’t possibly been impressing anyone unless there was training in innisfails that the indo didn’t catch

Well I think the point is we don’t know who our best players + bench are. And rather then see the same faces given yet another chance this year, or square pegs trying to make the best of round holes again, some people would like to see some of the up and coming players in Dublin get a shot.

It’s the old Tried & tested v freshening things up. Sure the short year makes it hard to give lads a try but it’s hardly baffling to have a few names put forward. The players were seen only last summer/autumn/winter in most cases. Hardly an outrageous gap back to draw a sense of someone’s ability, whatever about from. If anything we seem to be one of the slower counties at trying guys out.

Judging from recent comments you’d have baulked at someone suggesting Dunphy getting a run? Only u20 last year. In fact he has been in the training panel a year or more hasn’t he. Something else you don’t seem to agree with. :yum: The lads being touted now are pretty much exactly the same stage as him if not slightly older, no? Do i think COS would be a better fit in the corner then Keogh? Yes i do and i like Keogh but I just dont think he’s a natural corner forward. I’d like to see him in midfield where his pace, direct running and tackling could offer a lot.

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I couldn’t take a loss to Laois, the rathdowney errill element still like to remind me of that match every time they see me.

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I watched Andy Dunphy since he was 13 Hubie on here will attest to that and put him forward in here as one of the more likely lads to succeed, equally I’ve watched at hand in training and games all over the country other lads being mentioned and their not up to it no matter how much we wish they were
But that’s not the point I was making we have a very small window in order to put anything like a settled side out all due to circumstances beyond our control , just because our best aren’t good enough doesn’t mean automatically what’s behind are better , if it was a normal year you could use the league to both test yourself and try and unearth players for championship, the point I’m making that’s being missed is our player who will play in championship look leggy and require game time

Laois have a very handy baller in midfield called Fiachra C Fennell, we could really do with a guy like him. A real box to box player, sets up so much good in the limited team that they are. Anyone who watched the Wexford game will have been impressed with him.

Ah Fair enough so. I’d only be looking at guys who I think could push for a place. Look at the attacking flair & pace of the youngsters cork threw in. I just think that COS and Sean Currie would offer more in attack then Trollier on an off day and Davy keogh. And I rate Dillon but he wasn’t going well and Davy has a lot going for him but he’s not a natural in the corner for me. But fully agree the messed up prep & condensed season makes it harder to try things out but I’d nearly just go for it. Kenny is unlikely to in his third year of course,

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If Kenny goes for it will fans forgive him if it doesn’t come off , I’m not so sure , doesn’t mean he shouldn’t but often occurs to me fans are very pro try the new guys when it works, flip side very critical I’d it doesn’t

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Of course not! That’s the advantage we have as hurlers on the ditch! :joy:

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The flip side is sticking with guys who have proven they aren’t quite up to it again and wondering why you get the same result. Great to see Dunphy come in and go so well.

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Watched Andy as a youngster takes it as a personal insult if he loses a one to one great attitude to have

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Yea he’s got that good agression level, pity we couldn’t transplant that into one or two others.

So what change do you think we will see v what changes would you like to see. Don’t think we need 8 defenders v Laois? Hard to tell from tv & It was so crowded in the middle third & our HB line I’m not sure who’s was playing where exactly. Rushe was the spare man back a fair bit?

I really dont think Keogh is working out in the corner, he did well when he came on there as a sub te first time and he has shown a good work rate and pace and few nice touches but overall he looks out of position to me. I’d like to see him start in midfield to see how he gets on, with McBride or Boland maybe.

Someone said before - @Lostcause I think, that Bolands doesn’t tackle back enough to play midfield, but really he either needs to do that or not play. It’s part of the job description for the HF lines as much. Our footballers all had to work hard and the same should be the case for the hurlers.

I’d say we’re going to go with Crummy in the HF line again, with Danny and Hayes so inside you have Burke, Dillon and O’Rorke/COS? Oisin is more proven at this level and offers backup free taking if Donal has a case of the yips again. He could really thrive on the quality ball we were playing inside in the first half, it all got very ragged in the second as legs tired (understandibly). If we can keep the quality up for longer on Saturday and win as much possession as we did v kilkenny then we should keep the scoreboard ticking over.

Pretty much goes without saying but our accuracy needs to improve as well. You cant be converting 9 from 23 chances no matter who the opposition.