NHL, Round 3, Dublin v Antrim, Parnell Park, Saturday, May 22nd, 5pm

Game live on GaaGo also :ok_hand:



You’re keen, we haven’t even hanmered Laois yet :sweat_smile:


Underwater Hockey on Channel 5037 just not appeasing enough :joy:


Ha. Couldn’t hack the wait myself, so bit the bullet and bought the 65+ game package. Mayo and Down at 2pm, never looked so appealing. Have the Jaffa cakes and pot of tae to hand. Though if I’d known the above was on I might have held off :sweat_smile:

Going to be interesting to see how Antrim fare v Kilkenny, unbeaten last year & good win over clare last week

Kilkenny have made a few changes too, no TJ.

Kilkenny have made changes, but Antrim have still scored and played well today. Antrim very set in their game plan and full of confidence. They will not fear Dublin one bit, Parnell Pk or not.

When was the last time we played a so called weaker team in the league, beat them and then had to play them again soon after in championship? :eyes:


This is no gimme at all . Very evenly matched sides . A win next week is a good result

Very impressed by that result by Antrim today

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Scored 3.15 in Kk

Missed a pen and great save by kk keeper as well according to the wireless

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Make no mistake we’re in for a game next week, Gleeson has done some job with Antrim. Unbeaten last year. Beat clare and gave kk a scare. Serious progress.

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Thank god this game is in Parnell Park, I would be very worried otherwise


There are actually a lot of decent clubs up in Antrim so plenty of players available but Gleeson seems to have them all going in the one direction now, maybe similar to what Dalo brought to us when he arrived?

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Yea they always had good club sides, but last while they had trouble getting buy in to the county team.

Funny that Gleeson was only brought up by sheedy to give some goalkeeping coaching on a one off and he’s ended up as manager.

Seems to have galvanised things whatever he has done. Great to see.

The way were playing at moment, home advantage doesnt mean much right now. Antrim flying and great to see, dare I say Antrim will be raging they didnt push kilkenny even closer last weekend. Whilst they wont win the league or the champ this year, they should stay in top tier and ourselves or laois will be slightly below them.

And Sheedy was only part of the backroom team, faith pulls in many strange ways

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So do we just keep going with the misfiring attack or are we going to try something else? I know that sounds a bit ott after scoring 30 scores but Bruke got 18 of those, the FF line only scored 0-2. (hill16 has starting FF line as R Hayes, E Dillon, C Boland). Not all their fault of course, a lot of the ball in was poor enough.

Has to go to with O Sullivan now .

If he’s brave maybe Sean Currie too…

Maybe it’s time

Clinton Hennessy involved with Antrim too, according to RTE. Ex Waterford keeper, living in Belfast now, for his sins.

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Was a much underestimated keeper.