NHL Round 3: Dublin v Tipperary-At Croke Park, Saturday 25th February 2023, Throw in 5pm

Tipp missing a few for this game.

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The shocking level of detail given by Tipp GAA.

But don’t worry DCB will have an 11.5-second interview and ask MD if is he happy how “the lads” are getting on. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Going to be a really tricky one, Tipp were pretty impressive against Kilkenny.

I think as a fan I’d like to have more detail, but maybe longer term it’s better to not overly indulge in the media.

Work’s differently for different teams


Would also be nice to get a win in Croker against them

Is it a double header with football?

Would be great, MD still very much trying guys out, which is great. Expect he might go for what he considers a stronger lineup for this one so it’ll be interesting to see who he goes with.

Yeah he might do

But then again it’s a good opportunity to test lads at this level

As of now, it’s positive, we’re going well, with new players and we still have plenty to work on

So hopefully that continues, and this thread doesn’t go into the hurlers are doomed mode :joy:

Well i think given the turn over expectations are tempered somewhat, so the lads going better then expected is good.

We hear the bad injury news to Crowe and Considine so I’m hopeful Grogan and COS might be not as bad.

It is yeah

This will be a tough one. Tipp will want to win every game this year but hopefully we can do something.

Hate having to wait 2 weeks for the hurling to come back. Fecking football only weekends just aren’t the same😭.


I know we laugh and joke about it but how in the name of Christ can anything be promoted with our media communications

Was very impressed with some of Tipps younger lads .

Better decision making then Kilkenny on playing the king and short ball and defensively far less arseboxing then Kilkenny

Think we’ve a better chance against Kilkenny

I’m reliably informed that Trollier is still involved!

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