NHL Round 3: Dublin v Waterford 5pm Sat, 04/03/2017 Croke Park

Is that in both codes?

I believe so as Boden rules state you can’t be a member for one code only and play elsewhere for the other

No Cuala players for this game either! But great result yesterday for both Cuala and Dublin hurling in general! Be great if they could go all the way now! It will be a difficult one but they are a fine side and maybe the fact that they will star as underdogs will do them no harm!

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helps when you have Callinan, Bubbles, Noel Mc Grath, Richie Hogan , TJ Reid …Just saying

KK and Tipp play a mixture of long and short. All long is nearly as bad as all short.
…all short is more annoying to watch though!!!

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But they did mix it up the last day, it wasn’t all long. But when they had an option to go long, the opposition couldn’t just focus on stopping the short.

Cuala seem to mix the short with the long to very good effect!

It isn’t about all short, all long or a mixture. It’s about making the right decisions. If you have a ball in the backs and you do a number of short passes in a row, you are giving the opposition backs time to mark your forwards more tightly. The sliotar can travel faster than you can run and your forwards want quick ball. Therefore as soon as you can let in a half decent ball, do so. The other team won’t want this and will try to frustrate it so you will need some short passes at times to make space but the over-riding philosophy is the critical thing…ball into forwards as quickly as possible. This is especially important in the context of getting goals, as Cuala have shown recently.
We do not have Ben and Gerry etc on our team so we cannot play the Newtownshandrum game all over the pitch. At least that’s how I see it. Am fully open to other views.

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If you have a ball in the backs and you do a number of short passes in a row, you are giving the opposition backs time to mark your forwards more tightly

Or you are giving your forwards time to get free, depends really.

It’s about making the right decisions

Every in-game situation is unique in hurling so it ultimately comes down to this. Tactics should be used to allow fellow team mates an advantage in predicting what their own men are going to do in possession. For example, if the plan is play a wide game the corner forwards are going to be making runs immediately if they see their man is about to gain possession. The man in possession needs to make the right choice about weather or not the play is on. Its a game based on decisions as far as I see it.

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So how do you think we’ll line out?

McBride and Conroy have to start in the HF line anyway. Bennett to come in? McGib put in a huge amount of work as did Dillon around the field. McMorrow had a very good game against Cork as well.

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Can’t understand why Cunningham doesn’t adopt this better and play to our strengths.
Sometimes it’s like you’ve a small full-forward line and insist on playing highballs in all day. We’ve established we don’t have ball winners, yet, we’ve some of the fastest forwards IMO of any other county,so, why not get a quick ball to them and run at full-back lines. Anyone who’s played in a back-line will tell you that they hate full-forwards who come at you at speed.

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We mustn’t be physically bullied, whatever else happens. Agreed about half forwards. I still think we should man mark De Burca all day and keep puck outs away from whoever drops back for them. However if we revert to short puck outs ad infinitum, that will be that. Look at what we did to Cork!

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Dont think the team which fielded v Cork will be physically bullied anyways.

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Any team news for this one?

rumours O’Donnell moving up the pitch to mark Tadgh de Burca

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Burke played in freshers final yesterday, he is playing a lot of hurling anyway. Close enough to Saturdays game though, only really one full day in between.

Good win for DCU in that, 8 dubs on the team I think…

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Jaysus, sounds like a bit of a crazy one

I’m urine taking

Mo farah might need some

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