NHL, Round 4, Dublin v Clare, Parnell Park, Saturday, June 05th, 5.15pm

Should be a good test of where we are. Haven’t seen much of Clare this year other than highlights. The horror show in Antrim was a bad start obviously. Unlucky to be beaten by Wexford.

We pretty much know the shape of our team now, in Parnell park so the worries about pace might not get found out yet but Dunphy and O’Sullivan are at least fast additions. Hope he gives O’Sullivan another run.

Hope we can sharpen up the hurling a bit, did Shane Stapleton say Danny went off with a knock? He’s in great form so hope it was nothing much.

(edit - thanks dubby)

Am I right in saying Clare have had the better of us a lot in recent years?

That’s the sense I have, at least in Ennis, where we seem to always play them*

*this could be factually incorrect!

ALWAYS play them in Ennis :rofl:

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True. We rarely seem to get them in Dublin - nor Waterford either.

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Yeah last time we played Clare at home was 2014 when they were all Ireland champions.
Think we played them in Ennis in 2015, 2017 twice (one was relegation play off) and last year which was the last time I have stepped foot inside a ground!!
Lost all them away games also but really should have won 2 of them from what I remember.
We did have a run similar away against Waterford, 4/5 in a row but last two league games been in Dublin. 2019 league, Nolan saved last minute peno to win. And 2017 in croke park.


Yea do seem to be constantly in Ennis. Shocking record there.

Be tough going this one . If Tony Kelly turns up it’ll be a struggle

Peter Duggan is a big loss for them though .

Generally we struggle against Munster counties . Whether it’s physicality or otherwise I’m not sure

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Tony Kelly seems to be a dead leg so would possibly be ok to play by the time this game comes around.
Madden an excellent man marker, i wonder is that why he had a game or 2 at midfield- one eye on TK & Clare?

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Shane O’Donnell is in good form as well, made shane stapletons team of the week, so he’ll need watching, could be a great test for Dunphy

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Madden would be a good man to stick on him alright. He’d be too quick for C Burke.

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From a distance it looks like a good opportunity to get one over them. They have a lot of stuff going on and are only starting to find their feet after that opening round loss to Antrim but they will view us as a “non-traditional Hurling” county to make a statement against.

If we are competitive and stay within 3 points I will be happy enough, just want to see us keep building and staying competitive with everyone for now.

totally get that and agree on performance at this stage is more important but I’d like this team to get into the habit of winning those games we stay competitive in. We really shouldn’t have lost the Kilkenny game by that margin (rust aside), 2011 team took a long while to get over the hump in terms of staying with the next level of teams to beating them.


This is on Eir Sport by the way.

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Eir sport you say… Must book a trip put of the country so.


Bookies giving us a good chance tomorrow, nearly evens for both teams. I would tend to agree with these odds. Has all the makings of a tight cagey affair with two teams struggling to convince the wider Hurling public that they can be contenders.

We’re marginally stronger 1-15 I feel

If Tony Kelly is playing he is the deal breaker , is he fit to play anyone know ?

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He was out with a dead leg so expected to be fit.

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Man marker or zonal defending wherever Kelly wanders? Who are our go to man markers?