NHL, Round 5, Dublin v Wexford, Chadwicks Wexford Park, Saturday, June 12th, 3pm

4 days out and this game hadn’t gotten its on grouping yet… so here we go.

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We’re still talking about dual players on the other thread, like we do everytime Dublin lose a game … :sweat_smile:


Not sure what I would do in Mattie’s shoes here.
First round tricky Champo game against Antrim is 2-weeks from this fixture.
I would probably rest Donal Burke if I was in his shoes, our most important player.

Chadwick’s. Wexford no longer innovate. Must be Davy.

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I preferred Innovative. All jokes aside what does Shane Barrett need to do to get a chance here or is he injured?

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Barrett taking the year off


It’ll come down to who can keep Chin quiet. He’s yo Wexford what TK is to Clare. Take out their big name and, pound for pound, there’s nothing between dublin and wexford.

Problem is I don’t see anyone out around the middle of the park who will be able to do the job we need on Chin.

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Davy will be in the stands for this one

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Id be just as if not more concerned about Rory O’Connor!

Still be able to hear the C**T.

Shouldn’t be allowed in the ground.


Only scored a point v Antrim in a pretty low total for Wexford overall of 2-18. Chin only scored 1 from play as well I think. He’s a good free taker but he won’t slot 100% of frees given from all over the field like Kelly seemed to (don’t remember him missing). Of course, Davy will probably have them wound up like madmen now after that Antrim performance.

A lot depends on whether Kenny is actually going for the win or to keep trying things out again. Crummy & madden is not a good midfield mixture. the half-back line needs someone with pace in there.

Hayes looks dangerous when hit with high ball but lobbing long arcing deliveries to double marked boland & Dillon in Hf positions is not going to work and puts us on the back foot time and time again. As does the over complicated hand passing. I get that we’re trying to make space to deliver better ball into the forwards but need to be to lads on the hoof and touch really needs to be sharper, costing possession and easy scores.

Danny and boland have been combining well on the right, need midfielders who can break up & link up the play better, madden for me is a marker not a midfielder and crummy needs to be in hb line.

Rory went off early enough injured.
For me is absolutely their danger man on full swing. Agree on Chin for free’s he isn’t ever really 100%


agree he is the main man, hadn’t realised he went off injured. Might not make the game this weekend so but if we leave the space we gave clare and turnover as much ball cheaply then we’ll be in trouble anyways.

Which is why I think they’ll beat us but also whimper out of the champ, much like ourselves.

Wexford are far from where they were in 2019 but I still think they will beat us in this one. Both teams would get a huge lift from a win here as neither are setting the world alight. Chin is no TK as someone said, Rory O’C is though and if he is fit and playing we will struggle to pin him down.

Wexford by 4 IMO

We scored 9 frees v Clare, they scored 16. They won by 5. For all our issues, thats the winning & losing of the game right there. IMO ref was very finicky for dubs but we have to learn to play to the ref better.

In fairness, he finds it easier than most to hide in the long grass.


– ref was very finicky for dubs but we have to learn to play to the ref better–

Agreed. Need to be disciplined in tackling when required; likewise if we find ourselves in a championship game when Fergal Horgan, for example, clicks into “the rules are there are no rules” mode will have to adapt also.

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Thats generally where we struggle more, when refs let rip.

Wonder what kind of team we’ll go with, we seem to be chopping and changing way a lot, maybe it’s not surprising and he needs to try things out but some of these are never going to work and it gives the impression tha we dont know our best team.

Would really like COS to get another crack, dont see the point in giving a new guy only one game to make an impression. Thought he showed a few touches which our other forwards wouldn’t have done.

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