NHL Round1: Dublin v Tipperary 5pm Sat, 11/02/2017 Croke Park

Any info coming out of Tipp? Are they still on the sauce and hitting the quarter pounders?

Out of the 20 lads we were missing for Walshp Cup who doe we get back for the start of this? Obviously not the Cuala lads but who was on college team duty?

Tipp tend to celebrate All Ireland wins with particular gusto so it would be no surprise if they were seriously undercooked for this one.

You’d imagine a fat Seamie Callanan and Co. would have enough to dispose of this shell of a team pretty readily.

I guess there are two ways of looking at whats there now:

  1. The shell for a former AI contended team
  2. The start of a future AI contender team

I think in 2-3 years we will see these current lads bulldozing the top tier teams. There is serious talent in that squad albeit in raw form right now.

For this match i doubt we will come away with a win. Big occasion, big pitch and a big change in level to what lads have experienced before. It would have suited us better to be in parnell I’d say.

The manager controlled all social events this time . Players are scared shitless of him

I agree we need to start looking at what this team can be in the future. There is some exceptional talent there. No point in expecting miracles this or next year and slating the set up time and time again. Most of these lads will be there long after the current management goes.

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theyve been in the gym and doing S&C since they came back from their holidays, and they have been very very quiet.

its not right.


Well lads - it’s like the hurlers are in stealth mode coming into the league such are the low expectations.

Anyone heard anything about how the lads are getting on? Will Dotsy be fit for the weekend?

Don’t think he is due back to March at the very earliest. Well going by interviews with him in December.
Be hard to have a guess at what sort of team we will have starting on Saturday.

Anyone care to have a stab at a team - go on i dare yiz

Harder to get football team right … especially after it’s named …

at least you have an idea who is on the panel with the football …

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… at the moment

I am particularly unenthused by the whole thing - guessing what Cunningham will do is akin to guessing which part of a field a cow will shite on. We have very good young talent, and if Tipp are off form it could go ok, but if it does it will be by accident, not design.

But I expect it could be the night where the ‘that’s the difference men’ are kept busy (I wonder if that makes them happy actually?).

Jim madden o Donnell Barrett
Crummy rushe Mcgrath
Quinn Mcbride/Conway
O dwyer Mcmorrow Mcgibb
Burke Dillon bennett

Based on Walsh cup something along those lines I’d imagine. Big holes until our lads are back in the mix.
Likely iv left some ones out so open to correction.

Gary / Tracey
Cian mcgabhain o donnell paddy smith
Barret rushe crummy
Conway Niall mcmorrow
Donal Burke, ryan o Dwyer, Benneth/Conor Burke
O rouke, Dillon, o Sullivan

Forgive the few spelling mistakes :blush:

Clap trap

Either variation of the team is pretty bloody raw, going to be learning on the job so to speak, so will be looking for good performances and encouraging signs rather than expecting a result.

What part? Dublin will find it difficult to beat Tipperary? Dublin have good youngsters? I am unenthused? Or the ‘that’s the difference man’ is a pain in the hole? Didn’t think there was much in any of that to disagree with, but I welcome your comments. (Actually I don’t, but you know what I mean).

From the teams above both Quinns are being left off. I didn’t go to the Wexford game but they both looked like they were worth a run from what i saw in the first 2 games.

Oh my god, its a bit scary when you write it down like that…you could well be right, but two guys straight of minor in the half forward line would be something else. Even Sutcliffe only got his first run (5 minutes) at the end of his first year out of minor. Rian McBride might be in their with a shout. Has suffered with injuries, but was a superior minor and U21.

Conroy could add a bit of ball winning ability too…

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