NHL Round1: Dublin v Tipperary 5pm Sat, 11/02/2017 Croke Park


Tipp chalked up at 4/11 shot at the moment. Means the handicap will be probably 3 or 4, if Tipp show up in any kind of shape they’ll blow any of those above mentioned teams apart.

Very young teams alright I’ve missed a few players aswell like fox from Jude’s could be half forward midfield, but for the majority of that team it’s all about learning from Saturday onwards,

A.Quinn scored pretty well in most games he played, so definitely worth a run.

Hedging your bets . Saying if Dublin win it’s an accident
That is claptrap

… said the Crumlin man. :wink:

Of course if Dublin win it is because of some sort of anomaly. We aren’t good enough to beat them when they are at full tilt when we have a full team, so the chances of doing it with a lesser team are even more slight. Whatever does happen, win lose or draw - it is nearly unarguable that the result would be better from a Dublin point of view if we hadn’t lost such good players, and also, a lesser point, but one nonetheless - that we are playing it in Croke Pk when we have such a good record (with one exception - due mainly to a mental team set up) in Parnell.

There is a chance that Tipp will be poor and our lads play up well, sport can be like that. But the reason I am not saying 100% definitively what will happen is because Saturday hasn’t actually happened yet - so I don’t actually know.

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Close but way off


Allowing for short fall in players available etc. I would go with:

Paddy Smith O Donnell Shane Barrett
C Crummey L Rushe S McGrath
Ben Quinn N McMorrow
Conor Burke R O Dwyer E Dillon
O O Rourke Donal Burke C O Sullivan

Not going to be easy one way or the other. But that line up has good potential if its let develop! Unfortunately in order to do that we may very well ship heavy defeats along the way!

Is donie Fox not more likely in midfield than McMorrow

McMorrow will start i’d imagine. Conway seemed to have a good walsh cup so expect him to start also.

if Cunningham didn’t manage the team you’d say other wise

Who have you managed at this level?

Seriously. If that’s going to be the standard then there’ll be no discussion.

We can just turn the message board over to Cunningham and David Fitzgerald.

I’m replying in kind with the level of stupidity Alan that his original post deserves

That’s nonsense chief. You let yourself down there. By that logic, if someone hasn’t managed at senior intercounty level, they have no right to an opinion. You are now trying to dig your way out. His original post was not stupid at all and made complete sense. You would argue if he said that two and two makes four.

If we beat a team it’s by accident? Read the thread chief

So you’ve never seen a match result that turned logic on its head? Never? And how do you account for your suggestion that lads without intercounty management experience should not comment- as that was the clear implication?

If Dublin beat Tipp and weren’t trained by Cunningham the manager would be hailed.

Because it’s him he can’t win .

I have reread the original post and it makes sense to me. Logic says Tipp will win but if they don’t, it won’t be down to Cunningham as his recent actions have shorn our team of some very decent and experienced hurlers- plus he has shown many times that his tactics are at best, questionable. You yourself have said it’s going to be a very tough year. Some of us refuse to ‘get behind’ Cunningham because we are honest and consistent. Such is life.

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… said the Crumlin man. :wink:

Close but way off

I suppose neither are Ben of Alex themselves.
For what it’s worth, I think they’re both worthy of a place and I hope they’re both selected.