NHL1A Round 5, Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday March 26th

Loser finishes bottom, simple as that!

Kilkenny looked sharp in Thurles Saturday. But will Parnell park be a factor? We aren’t hurling too badly but lack serious goal threat. That can be offset by a fairly strong defensive unit. So can we outshoot Kilkenny??

Where’s there weaknesses and can we expose them?

Plenty of chinks in their armour atm. Its having the right men in the right places with the right tactics to expose them could be the problem. Have we the players to beat them ? No doubt. If we play a sweeper or a short pucout/passing game we’ll be cut to pieces. Lets see how they go about it. Cant wait for this game tbh.

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Doooomed! Again!

Best outcome would be to lose to Kk, and hope we get Cork in the relegation playoff.

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If that doesn’t happen we’ll be playing Laois and Offaly next year.

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8 team league next year looks a cert. Great chance to have a go at kk with no pressure. Let the lads off the leash, hold the lines intact,15 v 15 , and go for it. Tipp got their two goals sat night from direct high ball into the kk fb line. Two mistakes off murphy,two goals. The forwards stay close together on the high balls and the breaks and scores will come.

Do youse think he’ll rush the cuala lads back for this?

Will they want to be rushed back?

If they win they’ll be useless for a week at least.

Better of having them for the relegation play off if needed.

Very valid point. If they win on Friday they should be allowed time to enjoy their feats.

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I hope you are right, but why do you say that?

Apart from that, I think if we beat KK we push them into the play off with us, if results don’t go our way. We wont beat them in a relegation play off, so it is very difficult to know how to approach this.


But he might try

Most panellists on tv the last few weeks have been mentioning this so there must be something in the air. A few county managers have brought it up as well and there has been speculation in the meeja. With all those planets aligning id say they know something we don’t. Its the GAA way,sort it out in the bar and let everyone know later.

RTÉ tables have also shown top two in NHL1B and not the top 4 so there must be some merit in the argument.

Is this purely because there’s a danger of KK getting relegated?

Let’s just forfeit the game.

We can close the thread now.

Job done

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No. I think scorelines like the limerick v laois game at the weekend would be the main reason. Does nothing for the likes of laois and offaly atm. Better off having an eight team division one with two up and two down. No one would want to get relegated which would give us better games and the teams that come up would have 7 tough games to improve their standard. I can see its merits.


The whole idea was to give the other counties a run out against the ‘big lads’ in an effort to bring on their hurling come championship. What people failed to understand (or maybe they did understand but decided to ignore) was that the issues the smaller counties face are rooted from 15 years ago when kids are not being coached properly.

Wind forward to those same kids playing county at 22-27 years old and pit them against Limerick/Galway/whoever else gets relegated… and its meat into the grinder. Now wind forward again to them competing in the league quarter finals against Tipp or Kilkenny and wtf is the point?

Its a GAA solution to a GAA problem.

Anyway - getting back on topic. If KK maintain the intensity that they showed against Tipp last weekend then we’re f*cked. If they drop back down (which is possible after them hitting that high) then we’ve a chance albeit not a big one. We will need goals thats for sure and they do have some issues in the FB line.

In Parnell historically we bring intensity. The Limerick game last year was horrible though, and we just have to hope that was an exception. Playing two home games in what is effectively a neutral venue for the hurlers (Croke Pk), was a huge mistake.

I think this game will be close. We need to sort out our full forward line though, we have a young lad, a guy in his debut season and a guy who is a good mixer, but not a great hurler in there, and we won’t get the returns we need from there.

Cian Boland came on the last day, he could add something to the overall team. Conroy hopefully will be fit again (assuming he was injured the last day and wasn’t dropped for looking sideways at the manager).

I am no great fan of any of these selections or set ups, but even with all that being against us, we have the hurlers to trouble them if we bring the fight on the day. It could happen.

Although if other results don’t go our way, beating them might not be in our best interests. It could actually be a disaster in that we have to play KK again and lose, but beating them the first time is enough to keep Cunningham for another year.

The key in this one is to give a good performance and not to get a bad beating - another game v Cork or Clare with the Cuala lads back would be better for us arguably, then having to play KK again.

I think a HF line of Schutte, McBride, Conroy should be able to win their fair share of ball and if not, at least make life difficult for the opposition. Would love to have the option of Cronin in there and McBride in midfield, or Schutte to the FF line.

Or what about giving Moran a run in the HB line and Crummy to the HF line, big lad can can take a score. Barrett surely better in the HB line then he is in the corner, so O’Callaghan moves to the corner i suppose, can;t really move O’Donnell now.

But is Cunningham the man to lead us into this one?