NHL1A Round 6 (Relegation) Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday April 2nd

Dropping down to 1B would be a disaster. Although this might not be on cards if anyone can confirm where all this league restructure talk is coming from? I did read today that Offaly lost all games except one and are now in a league quarter final.

Anyway - considering we should have been able to close out the last match with Clare and that we have a stronger squad now with the Cuala lads back i would expect us to win this.

All of the Division 1 quarter-finals must finish on the day. If the teams are level at full-time, extra-time of two period of ten minutes will be played.

If the teams are still level, an additional two periods of five minutes each way will be played.

If the teams are still level after that, then a free-taking competition will decide the outcome. Each team will nominated 5 free-takers who must be chosen from players who have participated in the game, either in normal time or in one of the periods of extra-time.

Frees would be taken by each of the five players from a position of their choosing on the ’65 metre line and the takers must go for points only.

The game is won by whichever team scores more of their five frees. If still level, then sudden death frees will be taken using the same 5 players in the same order until such time as there is a definitive outcome.

Free taking competition… as opposed to a peno shoot out, the gaa really are terrified of all things soccer.

I’d be moving ahead on the basis that there will be no restructuring. A must win game.

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Yes, we can’t rely on any restructuring rumours. Have to go for it. The Cuala lads will be back for it at least.

Outside the tipp match i’d be happy with how competitive we’ve been in the rest of the league but time to put that into getting a result now. Think he has to draft the Cuala lads back in, glad he didn’t this week but they’ve had enough time to enjoy themselves now and should be fit and raring to go hopefully. Will give us a lot more experience & depth.

Trollier…with Schutte to roam out for puck outs to allow McMurrow, O’Connell, Quinn to feed off space and breaks…Burke and Trollier to end up with space in front of them…also Trollier can change and leave Schutte and Burke inside…if Clare bring a man out Schutte lets Rushe go free…not a bad side and well capable of winning I think…also O’Dwyer can go inside if we go more direct…

I know some of the Ballyea lads were back with Clare yesterday including Gearóid “Chopper Harris” O’Conaill

FFS… there could be a few of them looking for revenge.

Good for them as long as they keep it clean and we get a ref with a pair of cojones to keep dirty play in check

Is this game a 4 o clock throw in

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Late nite so.

Disappointed to see Daly came out today and say that whoever loses on Sun and he’s assuming it will be `Dublin should have to play another playoff v Limerick to see who should be 8th team in a revamped 8 team Div 1a. So Galway go straight up and we will disappear down.

WTF Daly! Do whatever is required to keep the counties you are close to in 1a. Would have expected better from him. But then again with Daly its probably down to whoever is paying him.

Whatever about going down to the current 1b, it’d be a far worse drop to fall all the way out of the top 8 (which was part of the argument for changing to the current structure).

At the moment Limerick are paying him so that kinda makes you look foolish :wink:

If you read my post you’ll see that’s the point I made. Try again Alan. Good man.

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Seems to me you’re suggesting that Galway are getting away with going straight up while Dublin and Limerick have to play off.

I’m suggesting that Daly & others will do their best to look after themselves and their local buddies and leave us outside a revised 1a. Nothing to do with logic or fairness. Why would Galway be included and Dublin forced into playoff v Limerick.

Am also not impressed with Dalys views being driven by who’s obviously paying him I.e Limerick. His views in the national media do carry some weight / influence.

Daly is generally pro Dublin.

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Clare are under huge pressure . they cracked last week against Waterford . I think it’s a blessing in disguise it’s away from home. No pressure except from ourselves. Nobody expects us to win but if the Cuala lads are back we have a good chance.

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