No Jigs about this

Maybe he’ll take up a coaching job in Kerry

I know you’re messing but I d say Kennelly would top a Kerry fans poll for most disliked Kerry player .

He should be the most popular Kerry player in Dublin though with his " successful AFL recruitment".

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I thought there was something narcissistic and gratuitous about his Kerry return.

Nicholas Murphy wouldn’t be as nice about it


Always came across to me as an arrogant guy and then the laughing off about the “tackle”, followed by all his work to recruit lads from Ireland. That whole couple of years Kerry seemed to lose the plot, I presume partly down to the Tyrone defeats, they lost their discipline, they got completely paranoid about media (yeh yeh I know!), and there was a real “in your face” insecurity complex about them, the way they celebrated the 09 win (lads up on the podium showing off the tats and pecs), and Donaghy in 14. Always felt it was completely out of character with how most of their 70s/80s team were.

You mean no longer keepers of the flame :smirk:

True dat. Wonder how we’ll live up to our greatest golden era…

Maybe Kennelly could join Mickey Hartes backroom team?