Nonsporting issues relating to gender

These matters are not going away and would clog up a sport or politics thread. Hence the new thread. Some may not wish to comment, so this will make it easier for them to avoid the topic completely.

Mentioned in another thread. Penneys have Gender Neutral Changing rooms. Country right now with this PC bollox is fucked. And considering Sex crimes in this country is less serious than not buying a TV license, its only going one way.


We were discussing this on Sunday and lots of females in my clann will simply vote with their feet and avoid places that do this.

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will they vote with their feet when they go to buy shoe’s :thinking:


First person I ever knew who voted with his feet Christy Brown


Almost certain Pennys rooms have been like that a good while (i.e. before all this shite started) the the Mary St one anyway

I was in blanch yesterday when I noticed it. Didn’t see it last year.

honestly will this bollox not just attract a load of preverts

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You don’t get changed in front of anyone in a changing room in a shop.

Wheelchair toilets have always been gender neutral but no one shits themselves over that because they’re not called “gender neutral”.


Do you have kids? I have two young teenage daughters. These cubicles are covered by a curtain. What part of this do you think is ok if some older man gets a horn. Like the dirtbag that got a pass of Martin Nolan and another one yesterday.

PLUS swell wheelchair accessible toilets are for one user only with a locked door.


Maybe I’m mistaken but is the idea not that there’s female male and gender neutral changing rooms all available?

My apologies if I picked that up wrong but an addition of gender neutral alongside male and female cannot be a bad thing.

If it’s just gender neutral and nothing else then yes there’s an issue and doors are needed at the very very least.

No it’s just gender neutral left and right where the male and female were. I actually thought I was imagining it and was goging to ask a staff member. But no it was correct. I walked into the wrong section of changing rooms in Tk max a couple of years ago and apart from feeing like a complete idiot I got told of by the an older woman walking out.

Really don’t know if this gender neutral changing rooms are acceptable. I actually just don’t the get the society we are living in anymore.


What’s the need? :thinking:

The difficulty is that in many cases where gender neutral toilets etc are introduced, they are instead of the female facilities, not in addition to.
Male facilities tend to be left alone. There are many examples of this phenomenon
Gender neutral third spaces are the obvious solution , these third spaces are rejected by the transgender community. They do not offer the validation that many seek.


We’ll say you have someone who chooses to identify as non binary. Then they are not forced to use a male or female dressing room when they are not either.

We already have the grey area of where do transgender people use the toilet or changing room etc. Having a gender neutral facility takes away that ambiguity for a lot of transgender people who may themselves feel uncomfortable being seen in a male female facility.

Of course you will have the exceptions to the rule unfortunately who take advantage and may use it as an opportunity to prey or what have you but unfortunately that already happens in bathrooms, I’ve seen it plenty of times in the men’s over the years with younger lads around.

Thanks for the clarity. I completely agree they should not replace male / female facilities but in addition to it shouldn’t be a problem, most of us won’t be affected or need to change our behaviour.

They refuse to accept trans facilities as to do so would be an admission that a man who says he is a woman, is not the same as a biological woman. (This is why the Indo censored Leo’s comment re Barbie and the prison situation). Trans people will not allow that biological fact to stand.

It is the same as a trans person calling a male ‘a cis male’. I reject that. However, the male must accept that term or he is being transphobic. However if you use the wrong pronoun with a trans person, you are misgendering them, ergo you are transphobic. Either way, you lose.

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Male and female facilities should not change from what they are now under any circumstances.

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But they are, Rebel!! They are… and will continue to.


Sorry lads I skirted through the posts and I laughed at myself…
My first thought when I saw the thread heading was piles.
If, whatever your gender or proclaimed gender is, you have piles, you’ll know all about it.
They are a tunt. The great leveller, I dare say.
All this talk of toilets/changing rooms etc…
Piles don’t discriminate. Fact.

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