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Jim had a right aul meltdown last night. Still a big a prick as ever

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What about Arlene looking into her own cash-for-ash behaviour?

SF and DUP slightly down, but still the dominant parties. Some signs that working class Catholic voters are moving slightly away from SF towards indos and left. SDLP wouldn’t get a ride in a brothel. Should fold up their tent.

Would be interesting to know, which is impossible, to what extent the two of them were boosted by the renewed talks in the aftermath of those assholes in Derry murdering the journalist.

All the nonsense about Brexit shifting people towards parties supporting United Ireland, proven to be an illusion. Electoral demographics have hardly shifted between the two tribes since mid 1990s.

IRISH Politics, what the fúck is this N.I. Politics sh1t?

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Just another thread to block …

Could it be renamed ‘Politics in the North?’

Title changed

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All results in now for the Local Elections in the North.

Headline figures…

O.U.P. - 13 Seats
D.U.P. - 8 Seats
S.D.L.P. - 7 Seats
T.U.V. - 7 Seats
S.F. (No Change)
P.B.P. + 4 Seats
Allaince + 21 Seats
Greens + 4 Seats

Interesting results in Derry. Both SF and DUP lost seats

Independent republican councillor Gary Donnelly has topped the poll in a Derry ward weeks after the dissident republican murder of journalist Lyra McKee.

Mr Donnelly is considered to be one of the public faces of dissident republicanism in Northern Ireland. - Belfast Telegraph

Looking at some of the results from Derry makes interesting reading. Even more interesting to see how it impacts on the Westminister seat next time out.

Alliance may regain a Westminster seat next time around I reckon.

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Not in Derry.

Defo not but certainly elsewhere

Delighted to see the Fianna Fail National Executive member Sorcha McAnespy getting less than 200 votes.

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You are being totally dishonest now.

Donnelly was one of first to condemn the murder. And his house was attacked after that. But given the thuggery of Derry NSF hard to know who it was.

Being opposed to SF on Stormont and partition does not mean support for idiots like Saoradh.

One of your own Dublin councillors was member of RIRA when he took a strop over ML muscling into his “manor” until tempted back by a council seat.

No I am not. Not only did “I” not say it but I also credited the comment to the Belfast Telegraph. See below.

You are trying to imply that Donnelly is supporter of Saoradh.

He condemned the murder and topped the poll.

Perhaps that has something to do with the abysmal record of NSF in one of its strongholds which is officially among the bottom 5 most deprived areas of the UK, which NSF was administering the Irish part for ten years, and will probably be again after next week’s talks.

No, wrong AGAIN. “I” was not trying to imply ANYTHING, I was putting up a comment from the Belfast Telegraph and I gave them credit for the fact that it was THEIR comment.

I know Gary, lived a short distance from his house and don’t have any particular problem with him.

Gary has issued many statements in relation to Saoradh…Here is one below:

I’d also point out that he was VERY CLEAR in his comments following the killing of Lyra Mckee.

Gary was former spokesman for the so-called dissident republican 32 County Sovereignty Movement if I remember correctly.

He was. Not the same thing as supporting the fkn assholes who murdered McKee.

Perhaps you might have linked his statement on the murder first time!

Fact that he tops the poll in one of the Provo strongholds says a lot for what Derry SF has become, do you not agree?

ML said people had voted for “equality”. That’s like saying people like puppies or Christmas. It is meaningless nonsense. No nearer a Republic under their compromise than ever, and people who supported the struggle are no better off economically. worse in fact.