Northern Politics

Who is that now?

Separate threads for Irish politics? When did FG take over this site?


In future if you wish to talk about Leo’s balls up over Waterford Hospital can you please use the “Southern Politic” thread, “Western Politics” thread for issues around Corrib Oil and I’m working on a “Metropolitan only” thread.


No. He did well and fair play to him, but you can take anything from almost anything if you look at it in isolation.

In 2014 Sinn Fein got 3,530 1st preference votes with a turnout of 57%, this week they got 2,822 1st preference votes with a 60% turnout.

You then need to factor in bad vote management from SF in the area and the fact that the very well known and respected Eamonn McCann ran in that area for the first time in a Council election.

Overall it was a not a great day for SF in Derry but the fact that they went in with 105 seats and came out with 105 seats, with gains in areas where they never had seats to balance out any lost seats.

On a more serious note…

Can Admin megre this thread with the Irish Politics thread? It seems a bit unusual that on a GAA website that we should have a separate thread for the six county area, very unfair to the Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal gaels.


Yes. While I gave massive respect for Guy Incognito and find his posts to be invaluable, in my humble view there should not be a separate thread for this. It’s a GAA forum and we are a 32 county organisation!


Have to agree there fellas!

Im sure nothing was meant by it…but we all share the same small bit of land.

Having a stand-alone thread makes it seem like we’ve no politics in common. Granted we have a few more loonie bins up here.

I chat to ones from dublin here the same way I would with ones from Tyrone. I don’t see a difference.

Years ago Tommy Lyons was a pundit with A Tohill. When asked if he was saying all Ulster teams were guilty of cynicism, Tommy said No…just the northern teams. How do you even get your head around that.


Why was the thread split?

Says everything about the “Two Countries” mentality.

I’m off to the Irish Politics thread.


and half the guards in ireland were mobilised to protect him when he came to march up and down o’connell street. he was supported by many of our leading indo/rte types as a tireless victim’s campaigner. the same ones who called the likes of cardinal ó fiaich a “provo fello traveller”.

This thread is partitionist.


let’s partition the dubs, they’re winning too much

As the country boys in Georgia would say, “More shit went on than a little bit.”

Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the wall when Arlene reads this?

Watch out for that 19A pet, coz you’re about to get thrown under it.

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