Northside v Southside

Am completely bored out of my tree at this stage hence this topic. Following on from the discussion about the best Dublin team people have seen live I’ll expand it a bit and ask for people’s opinions of the best 1- 15 Northside hurlers and best 1-15 Southside hurlers people have seen play. Obviously we are all different ages so no era ruled out. And of course who you think would have won a match between the two. Non county players included. Will post my own teams after I get some air. I need some thinking of shit like this.



  1. Bren mcloughlin otooles
  2. paddy smyth clontarf
  3. Tom Brady na fianna
  4. Derek Finn Craobh
  5. Carl Meehan Vincents
  6. Ro Fallon vincents
  7. Joey Boland Na Fianna
  8. John Twomey isles
  9. A mcrabbe craobh
  10. Joey Morris otooles
  11. Sean Kearns otooles
  12. Liam Ryan isles/otooles
  13. Mossy Mcgrane Vincents
  14. Kevin Flynn otooles
  15. Eamon Dillon Finnbarrs
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  1. Gary Maguire ballyboden
  2. John Finnegan commercials
  3. Peter Kelly Lucan
  4. Cian Ocallaghan Cuala
  5. Liam Walsh thom davis/Faughs
  6. Luam Rushe St Pats P
  7. Stephen Hiney ballyboden
  8. John Murphy Crumlin
  9. Shane Martin Crumlin
  10. Conal Keaney Ballyboden
  11. MJ Ryan Faughs
  12. Danny Sutcliffe Judes
  13. Dotsy OCallaghan Marks/boden
  14. Brian Mcmahon Crumlin
  15. Paul Ryan Ballyboden

Sneakers, once a few ‘more mature’ northside Ressers see this thread, the Northside will walk away with it…Lar, Des…et al!!


Over the past 20 years southside far stronger. Add in Con and no contest really

Forwards especially


  1. Adrian Forde (Crumlin).
  2. Mick Holden (Cuala).
  3. John Treacy (Kevins).
  4. Canice Hennebry (Crumlin)
  5. Paul Mulhaire (Good Counsel).
  6. Liam Ryan (Faughs).
  7. Stephen Hiney (Ballyboden St Endas).
  8. Harry Dalton (Good Counsel).
  9. John Murphy (Crumlin).
  10. Conal Keaney (Ballyboden St Endas).
  11. Shay Boland (Faughs).
  12. MJ Ryan (Faughs).
  13. Shane Martin (Crumlin)
  14. Brian McMahon (Crumlin).
  15. Tom Grealish (Crumlin).
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Subs: Mick Bermingham (Kilmacud Crokes).
Ruairi Boland (Faughs)
Stephen Perkins (Good Counsel / Ballyboden St Endas/.
Liam Rushe (St Patricks).
Brian Kelleher (Ballyboden St Endas).
Damian Byrne ((Cuala).
Vinnie Holden (Cuala).

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As a northsider, it’s still impossible to dislike a team with Mick Holden in its ranks.
Dublin legend.


I’m not that old I’m afraid :grin:


I’ll start with Southside
1 Gary Maguire
2 Stephen Hiney
3 Brian Kelleher
4 Liam Walsh
5 Chris Crummy
6 Liam Rush
7 Peter Kelly
8 Conal Keaney
9 Shane Durkin
10 MJ Ryan
11 Shane Martin
12 Danny Sutcliffe
13 Dotsy
14 Paul Ryan
15 Emmet Carroll

John Murphy, John Finnegan, Davy Donnelly, Damien Byrne, David Curtain and Brian Mc Mahon as subs

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Great thread and idea, great to see a few old familiar names appearing :+1::+1:

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My Northside team
1 Brendan Mc Loughlin
2 Philip Brennan
3 Tom Brady
4 Eoghan O Donnell
5 Michael Carton
6 Ronan Fallon
7 John Twomey
8 Alan Mc Crabbe
9 Sean Kearns
10 Joey Morris
11 Liam Ryan
12 Kevin Flynn
13 Ger Ennis
14 Trollier
15 Seanie Mc Dermott

Subs Ger Ryan, Derek Finn, Paddy Smyth, Stephen Mc Donnell, Tomas Mc Grane and Joey Boland

Agree. Not sure of peoples ages obviously but Id like to think tbey all know Mcmahon Kelleher MJ Twomeys names and that Dublin didnt just start ptoducing top hurlers 10 years ago.

In other similar duscussions you donr see names like Sean McDermott or Murty Ryan for example mentioned at all or often anyway. And great to see the name Paul Mulhare mentioned. A fine hurler taken tragically too soon


Great shout on Brennan at corner back, tidy and rarely anyone got the better of him

You also ruined my statement that nobody mentions sean mcdermott


a bit bias players ive played with or against Damian Mc Cormick ,Fionntain Mc Gibb, Alan Breathnach ,Vinny Murphy defo make a matchday 26 , Vinny a serious hurler forgotten because of football career.

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Sean McDermott and Murty Ryan two off the best hurlers I’ve seen to wear a Dublin jersey underrated very much.

John Kearns was a Rolls Royce of a man. Great hurler and a gentleman on and off the pitch. No sign of Joe Towell …? Another brilliant servant of Dublin hurling and surely worth a place on the NS team

Joe Towell did he get an all star nomination or actually got one or am i wrong ?

Don’t think he got either a nomination or award.Mick Bermingham from that era, Brian McMahon from the next and Liam Rushe, Alan McCrabbe, Gary Maguire and Peter Kelly from more recent times have won All Stars.