O’Byrne Cup 2022

So then, be interesting to see what the approach is here this year. Will Dessie delegate the management duties or will he be the man at the helm. Also, will they continue to use wider panel players. More basic question is perhaps will it even go ahead with COVID numbers. If it’s on, many travelling for this?

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Not sure why he wouldn’t be there himself. It’s not like previous years when the lads went late into the season and were away on holiday.
Dessie must be very hands on from the start because this is the year he’ll be under most pressure to succeed IMHO


Dessie probably feels he spent enough time away from the panel last year.


With semi finals and final in July, it’s essentially March in the seasons as we knew pre covid, a time when the big players would be returning… No time for Dessie this year I’m afraid, business needs to be fairly serious from the off. A thankless task for him not only after the Last 10 years but moreso after last years debacle… Pressure.

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Any of these games on tv and if so what channel

My first hope is we see an end of fannyball


Haven’t seen anything on tv coverage as yet.

Will there be 50% allowed at the Louth game?

I’d say there’s half a chance of that.

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The present restrictions state that at outdoor sporting events, should be limited to 50% of venue capacity or 5,000 attendees, whichever is the lower.

The Nell is around 8,500 capacity, so I guess half of that at max.

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Are tickets available online or are they only available at the stadium?

I’d say we’ll see a lot of U.20’s players being used, 3 games in 7 day’s under current climate.

How many under 20s would be in Sigerson panels ? Counties thankfully do allow lads to get that out of the way

What u20s do we think will be playing?

I’d like to see new faces , not necessarily u20s. But I wouldn’t like to see what might be considered a 2nd or even 3rd string being used. This competition , and similar competitions in the other provinces, are seen as preparation for the upcoming league. It’s important that any selection reflects that . Two years ago Dessie fielded what could only be considered a 3rd string in Longford . That didn’t end too well. Hope we don’t see any repeat of that

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Were the Dublin team not on holidays when played Longford?

Yeah, think they were in Thailand

They were in Bali

Close enough :rofl::rofl:

Looking at panels for DIT, DCU and UCD Peadar O’Cofaige Byrne, Kieran Kennedy, Neil Matthews, David Lacey, David O’Hanlon, Lee Gannon, Rory Dwyer, Karl Lynch Bissett, Mark Lavin, Luke Swan and Sean Lowry from recent u20 squads are playing Sigerson this year. Will that rule them out for O’Byrne Cup?