O’Byrne Cup 2022



I’m not in a position to say nor would I even if I was , how many are on scholarships ? You don’t get paid because of your looks
I’m aware of a couple of lads and while not life changing money a decent amount they are receiving monthly

Can’t think for the life of me if a fellas on a scholarship how he gets to play in the one month of the year that matters with county as opposed to his college ???

Leinster GAA website. Tickets on sale There.


Any new additions

We will see on Sat, I think 2 or more guys we have hardly heard of will end up starting for us in Championship this year, Dessie has to change things

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Meath Wicklow off .

Not going to get many from the county finalists from what I can see , the conveyor belt has certainly stalled somewhat

Crokes should certainly have more on the panel in my opinion

Even looking at the Sigerson panels

Christ it’s underwhelming

Best players on the DCU team from Sligo and Offaly

Archer is one we could look at despite the shortcomings people have highlighted on here

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I’d love to see the shortcomings pegged against the other prospects

I suppose top scoring in an all Ireland u20 championship doesn’t compare to shooting the lights out at Senior B level …

Thats a bit mischief/misrepresentation of what was posted , hes was told to go back to his club by Dublin management and was given a programme to follow in order to get him to were the Dublin management wanted him.
No one from Resevoir Dubs asked for that, or had any influence in that
Im pretty certain everyone on here would be delighted to see him in involved and push for a position.

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He should be in the squad already

It’s nonsense to have him outside the 35

Christ when you look at some of the players on the squad it beggars belief

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LJ that was last year , lets see where it goes this year

Apart from Mannion, who probably isn’t available, who do you think is good enough to be considered and who hasn’t got plenty of chances to prove himself before now?

For the first time in a long time Dessie is going to have to find some players. Lorcan O’Dell, Mark Lavin and Andy McGowan are three I’d expect to see, but McGowan will be hampered as he cant play OBC and the season is short

A couple of seasons ago, when McGowan was playing fb, I had great hopes for him becoming a top defender for Dublin. I haven’t seen any of that form this season. For the most part I think he has struggled. I’d be surprised if he’s part of the Dublin team based on present form. Would love to be proved wrong .

Would add Kieran Kennedy, James Doran and Donal Ryan to that list. Hopefully Darren Gavin is given another chance as need more options around the middle.

I think McGovern from Vins looks as good a prospect as any I have seen in this year’s championship.