O'Byrne Cup 2019

Am I going blind or are Dublin not playing in this?


Thrown out for doping I heard …

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Dubs straight into semis v winners of three groups.

They obv don’t want us blooding any more lads … :wink:

Just saw that

Yippee…new season looming.

Oh that’s a pity, I enjoy the O Byrne Cup games and seeing how some of the ‘possibles’ go.

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Bollox, does be absolutely freezing!!

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What about the rest of you?


You’re kidding !

When did the shaggers decide that?

Who could ever forget the epic trip down to flood ravaged Wexico in 2016? Or the excitement of discovering Longford has a Red Cow roundabout of its very own in 2015? Or Al becoming a new man (again) in the casinos & boulevards of Mullinavat in 2017?

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain…as a very wise man once said. :frowning:


#Newbridgeor … eh … nowhere …

That is a major downside right enough. But since I got a heated jacket yoke as a Christmas pressie, it is less so, I am glad to say…

Kildare will get even more credit when they win it. Could threaten Mayo in terms of major trophies won in this era.

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Glad you’re not lagging behind so.

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Starts in December. Dubs aren’t out until Jan 12th

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Ah don’t forget about the royals! Ex dubs might help them

Many of them involved? Who?

Two lads in dunboyne might get called up after they’re campaign is over

McGowan will be involved with the senior side in the next couple of years a really good player

That in PP, or does the fair Mrs @JJF need to get the kettle on?