O'Byrne Cup 2020

Any news on a potential team for this yet?

Not playing until the New Year anyway @Dublin90

RTL goalkeeper, Rory O’Brien, called up to the senior training panel. Not sure if anyone else has been called up (Cormac Howley??) but I’m sure @Towers_Abu or @Daithimor can confirm

Yes, heard on Friday evening about Rory getting the call up to senior training panel. A tremendous achievement for him! Haven’t heard anything about Cormac (yet), but as he was involved this year, I’m hoping that he will be in the shake up again for 2020.


Does anyone have any more info on the O’Byrne Cup Panel? Will we see the likes of Deegan and Fallon from Thomas Davis getting a run? I’d like to get another look at the Stephen Smiths etc who have been performing immensely at club level.

The semi final draw has been made today. Dublin are away to Longford at 2pm on Saturday week (11th). Offaly are home to either Westmeath or Louth at the same time.
Am I right in thinking that we don’t have a good record in the O Byrne Cup in Pearse Park Longford.


increased focus on team and management could add to the gate for this which is no harm considering the benefactors of the proceeds

From thomas Davis, ryan deegan, cian Murphy and Chris sallier called up.


We lost the last time we played them there in 2016, they were the only team to beat us that year…

Would liked to have seen Adam Fallon called up. Surprised Sallier got the call. Was he injured last year? Never stood out in the couple club games I saw him in over the years.

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Kildare v Carlow is broadcast live now on 97.60 fm 2pm .

Kildare v Carlow
Half time Kildare 0:04 Carlow 0:07
Conditions perfect. Kildare 1 point from play and 6 wides. Carlow packed 12 man defence finding their scores and taking them a little easier. Both teams very poor and although January and O Byrne cup both packed with first team players.

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I wonder how the offensive mark is working against the 12 defenders.

Think Kildare called one and managed to kick it wide in the 70 mins. Carlow on the other hand made more use of it and had more success with it.

Kildare v Carlow
Full time Kildare 1:10 Carlow 0:10
Kildare scored 1 point in the first 20 mins of the 2nd half but then for last fifteen mins scored 1:05 the goal coming on 70 mins. Carlow had the chance to put the game out of reach with a one v one but blasted wide around the 45 min mark. Over all a game where talent was scarce and kept from view. Both teams struggling with the basics and tactically myopic.

Great start to the new golden Lillies era. Or should that be ‘pearl’ era? It’s on!

Will there be a decent crowd down at this on Saturday with Dessie starting out and the chance to see a few new players?

Yep. Including the 80,000 facebook heads who were “at every game” and cant get a ticket for the final.


Yeah, Sallier seems to play rarely enough, but that’s just an impression I’ve formed. I’m sure someone from TD can contradict.

Any news on a backroom team yet? Any ideas on the make up of the team to play Longford? As usual Longford will be delighted with the fixture and will be well up for . They have already beaten Kildare and Carlow and were seemingly a bit unlucky to lose to Wicklow in Aughrim on Saturday.