Official Dublin GAA Football Supporters Club

Has there ever been one? Reason I ask is there is a savage amount of dribble splashed all over social media and even mainstream media now which is apparently representing Dublin supporters, and much of it is completely embarrassing, (now I know there is also some good SM pages doing exceptional work too and they’re great) but would an official Supporters club be the way to go? e.g. A official supporters club that people can join with a 8-10 person comittee Endorsed from the county board With a committee made up of #1 a Parnell pass Rep, 2 a season ticket Rep, 3, a clubs rep, 4, a minors rep, 5 a ladies football rep 6, a county board liaison rep, 7 Reservoir Dubs rep, etc…
For the reason of… well supporters club stuff like
An actual Official voice for supporters, away days travel etc… etc…

Doubt the DCB would get involved tbh.

I will set one up instead - just €50 membership per year - among the many benefits will include free entry to both the Botanic Gardens and Glasnevin Cemetery .

Will post credit card details later.


Take it you have to be alive to avail of the free entry, just checking the small print before I cough up the 50.

Are ‘hill16 army’ not the real supporters club ?

Yes Napper … going in dead is FAR more expensive …

I nominate myself as treasurer and unlike most I trust Nigerian banks.

Methinks you speak in jest :wink:

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Okey dokey, I get the consensus, we’ll let hill 16 army fly the flag so :wink: in all seriousness though, if something credible or county board endorsed doesn’t happen then our reputation as supporters (as far as what’s in the media is concerned) looks like 4 o’clock in the morning after a 6th year Debs, 17 and 18 year old dribble talk, Free Dermooooooo

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I’m thankfully barred from hill16 army bunch of twats


Ye jammy git

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Yes. Showing my age here but there was one back in the 1980/1990’s, I was a member. They organised certain functions, raised money for player end of season trips and trips to away games (back then we regularly travelled away during the Championship) but in particular, they were a source of tickets, as membership gave you the chance to buy a ticket should Dublin be in a All-Ireland final.

I think it folded after the Parnell Park scheme was introduced (late 90’s early 2000’s?) as with the scheme up & running the county Board wouldn’t have enough tickets to give the supporters club tickets as well as satisfy demand from the Parnell Park Scheme. Plus we just weren’t getting to All Ireland Finals during that period, so theParnell Pass scheme, giving access to League games etc was better value

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Isn’t there or (wasn’t there) an offical Dublin Supporters club run by a gentleman called Joe Nugent ?

He’s now the CAO of AGS!!! I’m sure he loves the Hill 16 lads!

What is an official Dublin Gaa football supporter though? What credentials do you need

A bodhran …

A bowl of lentil free coddle.

After that, everything is gravy.

…I’ll get me coat…

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No as far as supporters clubs go from what I can see is it’s not the supporter who’s official, it’s the club that’s official and the supporters are simply part of, would be fun to have some criteria to meet though!

I’ll just follow ye down tomorrow, coddle’s always nicer the next day

A 30 x 25 ft flammable flag


Was there a supporters club based in the pub on James Street, across from the hospital???