I see Wexford have a taken a no nonsense approach with all clubs and all teams due back to Wexford County Board by next week with the confirmation of the instruction.

Well done the yellow bellies, embarrassing for all GAA folk though that collectively this route had to be taken. As usual a tiny group have brought this action to the fore. Most of which will make no difference.

Take a bow Wexford.


Fair play to wexford its a start anyway

You’d question should it be rolled out nationally, prevention better than cure? Although the kind of fellas that assault referees need the men in the white coats to come & take them away (not the umpires either), not a workshop.

The fcukin head on him…


I’d say he’s a lovely chap :eyes:

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Looks like a great lad

They really need to get at it at underage level. Some mentors and parents I’ve seen up the years were shocking. Same teams a lot of the time. Not sure if refs record this kind of thing but if they did it might help in at least identifying bad cases. (Saying that accepting that refs already have a lot to do but it might help long term).

I’ve also seen things that were clearly coached in to underage teams that left a lot to be desired … putting it mildly.

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Spoke to 2 refs I know after the Roscommon incident. 1 said they know a lot of refs just don’t report it because they think nothing will be done. (I can confirm from speaking to County Board reps this is not the case and DCB do hand out nice suspensions on the back of reported abuse). The second ref said he doesn’t always report as he’d dealt with worse in his professional career.

Abuse should not be tolerated at any level but it would be a start to reporting all of it, not just some of it.
Not exactly having a shot at the refs but a mentor abuses every week, even the minor stuff and never hears back its been reported. Where is the deterrent


Zero tolerance stance needed. Across the board.


It’s the type of thing I’d imagine that once it’s reported you would hear nothing back directly about how the individual was dealt with or what the outcome was.

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That is the major problem in my opinion. Coached or the kids just think it’s ok to speak to a referee the way their manager or coach is.

This craic of booking or sending off a manager is a waste of time too sure 9 times out of 10 you are in a public pitch where the lad will stand a further 10 yards away and shout the same stuff at the referee anyway

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Delighted to finally see a County Board take a stand on this, and back Refs.
Reading about the case in Roscommon sounded to me like Co Board failed to back the Ref. Give him a ban and if the Ref wanted to follow up, let him go to the Guards.

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What ever happened to the toe rag in Roscommon did he get a lifetime ban

He got 96 weeks, the max allowed under the current rules. He’s appealing it now, the fcukin dolt

Can anyone link to where the maximum allowed is 96 weeks. I can only ever see minimum bans mentioned.

I rember a lad got a lifetime ban for hitting a player while he was a supporter a few years later the mercy panel or somename like that reduce it to 2 years but he was definitely banned for life at the start

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Agreed, nowwhere I can find mentions the max ban is 96 weeks. It does mention a repeat infraction etc is 96 weeks blah blah blah.

Afaik it’s whatever category of infraction that striking an official is categorised under in the official guide

Wexico Chairman was on the radio today, they are looking to put a motion to congress to remove the max. Can’t see any county arguing against it. Would be pushing an open door imo


I get that but easy fix based on below.

Category V1 (i) (ii) Minimum: 48 weeks Suspension in all Codes and at all Levels, with offender’s Team liable to Disqualification , where appropriate.

Repeat Infraction within 96 weeks: 96 weeks Suspension in all Codes and at all Levels with offender’s Team liable to Disqualification, where appropriate.

Easy fix?
**First offence for striking a ref - lifetime ban. It states minimum is 48weeks, so just go with lifetime and team is fucked out.

Don’t have to worry about the repeat then.**

Would that have either been club refusing membership or it being touted for lifetime until they realised they couldn’t

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