Old Dublin clubs

Quick questions…I’m doing up stats for old games and came across a club called McKee. Does anyone know where they were based? Were they anything to do with McKee Barracks?

I’ve some clubs I’m looking to place on the NS or SS of Dublin. If I name them, could I get some help placing them?

thanks in advance.

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based in barracks… they’d have been senior club in 1920’s and were set up by army.

Throw them up there @jamster - there’s some peculiar geniuses here …

Yes. I saw the club name reference changing to Army Metro, who won three championships in the 1930s.

OK. They’re on another laptop. Will do later.

Have the first Dublin SFC typed out - from 1887. Can I just copy & paste pics?

Dunno - the mods could advise - that would be amazing tho!

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There was a huge southside influence on the GAA back in the day. Elm Park & Monkstown Avenue were two particular venues for club games. The first All Ireland football final was played in Beech Hill Clonskeagh behind what is now the David Lloyd Tennis Centre.

There is something significant about what is now the CIE social club in Inchicore. A number of county games were played those grounds.



This mentions Grocers Assistants and also Drapers Apprentices GAA clubs in the Dun Laoghaire area. It’s very interesting stuff.

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Yes. Whoever did that Cuala website deserves a medal.

So the McGuinness got the “blanket defence” idea from the 1887 Dublin Senior Football Championship.

Erin’s Hope clearly mastered it.

Did Feach McHughs win the O’Byrne Cup ?

The 1888 SFC:


Great stuff. Any idea where some of the teams were based

Faughs playing football back in the day too

Erin’s Hope was the teacher training college, based on Marlborough Street afaik. They moved to Drumcondra and are linked to present day with DCU Dóchas Eireann…dóchas meaning hope, which is a beautiful link to the present.

Some that I noted:

Magh Go Braghs…The Naul
Owen Roe O’Neills…Clontarf
Feach McHughs…Blackrock
Isle of the Sea…Irishtown

I have started the 1889 SFC, but it’s a bit more fractured. Plus there seems to have been 17 round1 games, which makes for a long championship.


Do you know when Owen Roe O’Neills disbanded? I lived in the area for my first 30 years and never heard of them. Were they in Dollymount? Someone used to write a fictional sports column based in Clontarf in the Irish Times and I think it mentioned a defunct Dollymount club.

I suppose that will manifest itself in time, when they disappear from the radar…though they might be relegated to Intermediate or Junior first.

Never heard that club being mentioned previously.

Another old club from Balbriggan was Pioneers GAA